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Historical Soc Elmwood Illinois

Larado Taft Elmwood IL 2011 Pioneers

Spoon River

Roses Elmwood IL


Elmwood IL Fall Flowers

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Fall Flowers Elmwood IL

Wood Duck



Elmwood IL Ellison

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Elmwood Gazebo Christmas

Christmas Walk Saturday December 7th from 4 to 7 PM. Carols upstairs at Hick'ry Stick. Santa at Every Little Thing, come out for a getting in the spirit of the season event.

December 4, 2013

Volunteers asked to Wait

Info: WCBU

Bottle your desire to help there will be plenty of need and time to make a disaster a little better. Collect donations and wait for an opportunity to assist, I am sure Elmwood will plan a whole community effort of outreach to the Easterners on the other side of the Illinois River. As we did before Joplin Mission Trip

Elmwood UMC Open for Relief Drop Offs

I will be at church this afternoon until 5PM. The west door of fellowship hall is open for drop off now, I will assist carrying items.

Items suggested: bottled water, packaged food such as granola bars, breakfast bars, batteries, bandages, gloves, etc.

WCBU list posted: items that may be useful include work supplies like shovels and dust masks, garbage bags, gas cards, gift cards, cell phone cards, bottled water, baby formula, diapers, personal hygiene items, new clean socks, pet food, cat litter, storage space, cleaning supplies, and transportation. Steve Davis ----- November 18, 2013 10:17 AM

Tornado Damages Washington IL

Our community will reach out to Washington IL and other communities suffering from Sunday's storm. I will try and help coordinate and inform people. This is a start, I will talk to the minister at the Elmwood UMC Monday morning and see if we are to become a collection center for relief supplies.

Washington IL Tornado

Info: WCBU - PjStar - CiProud

November 17, 2013 7:55 PM


Odd Couple at EHS

Support our drama students and have a good laugh.

Elmwood High School Odd Couple

Elmwood High School performs Neil Simon's beloved comedy classic this week end.

13.11.13 10:55 AM

Collaborate and Cooperate to Prosperous Future

I Unite in common cause, our desires are in harmony, so we need the tools and methods to allow us to work together.

II We all have lives, we all get busy. We need to use modern communication to keep our efforts coordinated.

III We need to use our united communication to reach out to the world beyond Elmwood.

IV If we put together an outreach with a coordinated message, using social media we will make new connections.

V If we raise our own standard of living, Elmwood will be attractive to people and businesses seeking to relocate.

VI Growth will benefit us all, we have left so many approaches untried, now is the time to reboot the recovery process.

VII Use an open process seeking input and dialog with everyone. Our community strength exists beyond just current residents.

All our community groups must coordinate our on line presence, streamline our outreach message, and sell the great environment Elmwood is to operate a non retail oriented business. Bringing people to the Downtown District will envigorate it. Elmwood would be a great location for a small creative business. If we keep effectively making connections we might get one or two, I believe in planting seeds; it is only way I ever grew anything. I am not against prayer and hard work, it has often been essential. I suggest we make use of Internet tools available to us. I will be making some proposals to Elmwood Development Association and other community organizations. Everyone has a role to play. It may amaze us where we can go, if we are all rowing our virtual boat in the same direction. October 16, 2013 2:13 PM


Proposal in May -- Multi-generational Project

I have made proposals before. Collectively we, as the community of Elmwood, have not found the ways and methods to implement practicable steps to progress. We need to organize a systematic effort that we all have a stake in to get results. This is more on creating a local foods market and making Elmwood the "Center of the Universe" for local foods. At least the regional hub for Peoria, Galesburg, and Canton to find good tasting, safely produced, quality packaged, and effectively marketed local foods.

Local Markets – Regional Reach

Radical Hospitality & Extravagant Generosity Luncheon
May 15, 2013

Our church studied the book entitled Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations by Robert Schnase.
Publisher: Abingdon Press (May 1, 2007) ISBN-10: 0687645409

Two of the practices are Radical Hospitality and Extravagant Generosity. I am demonstrating these practices to help make my point for Elmwood. Elmwood naturally demonstrates these behaviors, but for effective outreach we need planning and organization. 

I want to outline what I believe is the first effective step to revive our economy in Elmwood. It is a multi-generational local foods emphasis.  I grew up on a farm and actually did farm, I know what a difference real produce, that is fresh and naturally ripened, has from typical produce. I often pay rather high prices for food in restaurants that is not nearly as good as the food I had in my mother’s farm kitchen. I hope today makes real in a very practical way what a need there is for this effort. I hope it opens your perspectives to the potential this approach holds for Elmwood. Enjoy lunch; maybe the chef hasn’t ruined everything.

Our current uncoordinated resources:

  1. Optimum soils and a good climate are available
  2. Experienced generation of gardeners, growers, and craftspeople.
  3. Youth in need of income opportunities and resume building experiences
  4. Community of businesses need a draw to improve profitability
  5. Existent or potential opportunities to offer healthy food choices combined with healthy life styles. -- Elmwood may be on the verge of being a blue zone.  (as described in Dan Buettner's book, "The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from people who lived the longest.")
Blue Zone Elmwood IL

A model for coordinating these resources into an effective multi-generational economic development effort:

  1.  Daily farmers market (at least four or five days including Friday and Saturday)
  2. Commission paid coordinator to align growers and customers (A person, unlike me, who likes to make money; a person good at merchandising and selling on value added margins)
  3. Coordinator would establish contacts with youth through groups like 4-H, FFA, Coop program through school, church youth groups, possibly youth leagues.
  4. Coordinator would identify experienced gardeners and growers – possibly through senior networks, 4-H, churches, gardening clubs
  5. Coordinator would reach out to artists and crafters to add specialty items and differentiation to the market especially on weekends
  6. Coordinator would work with local restaurants to help them incorporate local seasonal items into their menus, also with Elmwood Foods to inventory a display area for local products they could retail. 

Illinois Stewardship Alliance

Potential benefits for Elmwood:

  1. Increased potential customers in Elmwood for all our businesses
  2. Youth income and job experience
  3. Senior citizens feeling appreciated and valued
  4. Increased profits for food marketers
  5. Improved quality of foods in daily diets
  6. Enhancing the image of Elmwood as a healthy community
  7. Potential to establish a foundation for a future market center to improve profits for Elmwood food producers and marketers

Resources IL Dept. of Agriculture IL Farmers Market Assoc. Illinois Institute of Rural Affairs Illinois Stewardship Alliance


Why not put the Subway proposal here? In TIF so City can keep all the taxes on the improvement, still have all the touted benefits. It would be popular with those visiting residents in assisted living. An exit onto the new street would be much safer, yet location would give the business good visibility to traffic on IL 78 & IL 8.

-Fairground Extension Elmwood IL-Hurff Drive Elmwood IL-Fairground Extension Elmwood IL


Spoon River Drive Nice Fall Weekend

Elmwood IL Spoon River Drive

Weekend weather was great for the second weekend of the Spoon River Drive. Elmwood is in the second year of participating with Spoon River Drive. It looks like a growing activity, bringing people to town, business to our businesses. Elmwood is a perfect fit for Spoon River Drive, the Kickapoo Creek edition. Look froward to an even more rewarding and entertaining event next year. How warm was it? The Lime Shake Up was perfect for Saturday afternoon. Elmwood Spoon River Drive -- Spoon River Drive Organization October 14, 2013 2:54 PM


PDF of Opposition to Zoning Variance

Click Here for Document

Growing Elmwood

in Health, Wealth, with a little Liberty, just like the constitution would urge us to

A Simple Proposal

Bring Peopel Food to Elmwood

Local Roots in Wooster OH

I will make a simple proposal. It will bring revenues to our city, increase economic activity in our city, and make all our residents' lives a little healthier. It will provide opportunities for seniors and youth bring customers for our existing and future businesses. I invite you to participate in the discussion and become a stake holder in a development that can encourage growth in Elmwood in many ways.

There are many examples of successful and expanding local foods markets, many in and around Illinois. I return to the example I proposed three years ago during recovery planning following the tornado. It allows us a greater perspective to learn from a proven example. Experience is always a great, if painful method of education.

Local Roots Wooster

This is just one of many successful examples we could use as a model.

I have a proposal that the Subway development should be at another location. Our fair corner should become a daily local market. If we would do these simultaneously, we can have our cake and eat it to. We will still get the gain of Subway revenues, while increasing revenues on the fair corner. This will leave open the possibility to consider a better suited and safer development in the future. All winning scenarios in this proposal no losers. How often can that happen?

I will expand a little on this each day. I hope we will be given consideration by the city council. I hope they will see there are better, safer, more revenue creating proposals, than the one currently before them.

A Good Location for a Subway

This lot has become almost un-farmable in the last few years. It would be a great lot for the development of the new Subway. The City of Elmwood should use their proposed $100,000 to help in making this lot available for the new development.

Subway Elmwood?__Subway Elmwood

I believe if we would work in a collaborative open dialog, we can improve our economic future. We will create a healthier, more successful future. I will add a poll by tomorrow. I hope you will join in an alliance to make us all proud. One that doesn't sell out the safety of our children in a false choice. Many of us are seeking to advance our economy; we should all be a part of the process. Wednesday, September 18, 2013 8:31 AM

Today's Poll

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world's leading questionnaire tool.

E/B Trojans take on Knoxville

Friday Night at 7 PM at Elmwood both teams 4 and 0




Fall Festival a Great Event

Turns Late Summer Drought into Fun Times

Even though all farmers would have preferred a little rain for the soybeans, festival go-ers enjoyed great weather for the outdoor event. This year's Fall Festival was the first widely shared on Facebook, by both the festival committee and the festival revelers. Many wonderful photos of the fun made there way to Facebook in this long running Elmwood celebration. Elmwood Fall Festival Facebook Page -- If you want to read the Letter from Shiloh read during Thursday Night's Elmtastic Extravaganza Click on over to Elmwood Tales

Elmwood Il Fall Festival

Winding up Summer -- Festivals

The Illinois and Iowa State Fairs are underway. The County fairs are over and now the local festivals are marching along . Yates City Harvest Home starts this week end. Facebook Page Yates City Harvest Home Closer to Free with special guests Tom Hayes and Kris Petermeyer will kick off Friday Night at 6 PM followed by F Sharp on the main stage.

Yates City Harvest Home

Elmwood Fall Festival Books

are out Plan for a Fun Time

Fall Festival Events Page


My Place -- St Jude Fundraiser

The annual fund rasier topped $92,000, a great uniting event for the community of Yates City. I sold a few Tee Shirts Friday night. St Jude run coming up many local people would love to have another sponsor. Tom Hayes -- Facebook Photo Album

Yates City St Jude

Yates City IL -- My Place Fundraiser - June 8, 2013

My Place St Jude

Yates City IL -- My Place Fundraise r- June 8, 2013

Yates City St Jude

Yates City IL -- My Place Fundraiser - June 8, 2013

First Band Concert in Park Sunday June 9th

A great American tradition continues in Elmwood's Central Park Sunday June 9th. Illinois longest continuous municipal band starts a new season. Elmwood Schools Band Director will be on the podium. Erich Weiger has assisted but will be in charge this year Elmwood Band has a facebook page. Link Enjoy

You Tube Video from last year

Ashley Bean and Band

will play at Strawberry Festival at 7 PM

Ashley in Elmwood News

Strawberry Festival Moves to Elmwood School

The Elmwood Strawberry Festival is still going to be held this Saturday, June 1st, but due to the rain scheduled, it will be held at the Elmwood School. The programs will be held in the auditorium and the crafters and food vendors will be in the multi-purpose room and in the hallways. The firemen's pancake and sausage breakfast will still be at the fire house.

Elmwood Strawberry Festival IL 2013

Summer Programs at Library

Registration for Summer Reading is being accepted at the Morrison & May Wiley Library until May 25th. Children 4 years old (by June 1st) through going into 6th grade in the fall are invited to attend. Children must be registered to attend any part of the program.

Elmwood Il Library

Morrison & Mary Wiley Library will hold the following programs in May and space is limited, so registration is required (call the library at 742-2431 to register) :
American Girl Party on May 11th at 10:00 AM. Girls six and older are invited to bring their American Girl doll and make her a necklace.
Women’s Craft Night on May 16th at 6:30 PM. Must be 18 to attend.
Mother/Daughter Craft Night on May 23rd at 6:00 PM. Must be six to attend.

George Tanner will read poetry on May 30th at 6:30 PM. (No registration required).

The library will be closed on May 27th in observation of Memorial Day and June 1st for the Strawberry Festival.

-- Thursday, May 9, 2013 8:46 AM

Walk with camera on a beautiful Elmwood Wednesday

Elmwood IL Lilac Bloom May

On Flickr

May 8, 2013

Elmwood at the WTVP Ch 47 Auction

WTVP Peoria 47

AMy Davis at WTVP

Elmwood volunteers went to Peoria Sunday April 28th to promote Elmwood and help WTVP our PBS station. It was a new adventure for our volunteers, we were a little unaccustomed to the process. We had a fun time -- I am really sorry I missed out on the at Gold's Gym opportunity.

WTVP Elmwood IL

WTVP Auction on Elmwood Night

WTVP Auction Elmwood Mayor


Overnight 4-18-13 ----- 5 " Rain

The rain, starting on April 17th and through the morning of the 18th, caused Kickapoo Creek to look like the Mississippi River. Throughout Elmwood basements were flooded, surrounding roads had many wash outs. Flooding of houses in Edwards and other surrounding communities has thrown the area into disaster recovery mode. It is covered by PJ Star, area TV CiProud, and others. Also it was reported on Facebook by many local residents. Start at a A Better Elmwood, try the New Zephyr, startling photos are all over.


Knox County IL April 2013

Photo by Tom Conklin

Edwards IL Flood April 2013

Photo by New Zephyr

Stone School RD Elmwood IL

Kathy Krider

Other great photos at Forever Me Photography and Amy Davis Photography

In a practical note flooded properties will treated in the same manner tornado damaged properties in Elmwood were, for 2013 assessment cycle. Peoria County is very proactive in trying alleviate any unfairness in assessment of properties due to a natural disaster. If you have questions click here Elmwood Township Assessor and get in touch with me.


Toots Elmwood IL

From Toot's Facebook : We got the OK from the health department to open on Monday April 15th after our remodel.

We will be putting final touches on it over Weekend. Stop by Monday and look at the spruced up place. It looks pretty good, if i do say say so myself. A special thanks to some family members , True value, H&H, Fred Lantz Betsy, Kyle, Missy, Alan D Courson Plumbing and my wife. I most likely forgot someone, thank to you all who helped.

April 14, 2013

Hulslander Re-Elected as Mayor

John Hulslander was re-elected by a comfortable margin in the April 9th election.

I want to congratulate Mr. Hulslander on his re-election victory. I want to thank everyone who was so supportive of my running for this office. Best wishes for Elmwood, our people and businesses in the coming years. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a participant in this election. Everyone who took time to vote strengthens our democratic process of self-government. Again congratulations to Mayor Hulslander.

Steve Davis
Peoria County Election Results

April 14th

Ollaborate Elmwood UMC


Election -- Tuesday, April 9th

Request Absentee Ballot a paper ballot will be mailed to you

Peoria County Clerk Absentee Ballot Information

PDF of Ballot Request Form

Deadline to Register for April 9th Election is Tuesday

Peoria County Clerk Link

Do not allow your voice not to be heard, be registered and vote.

Peoria County Absentee Ballot Information

Anyone can request an absentee ballot. My mother in law Winifred Horney voted an absentee ballot in the November election. She asked if she would get a paper ballot if she requested an absentee ballot, I said yes she would. Winifred find the reflection on the voting machines make voting difficult. She was very pleased to vote on paper, absentee ballot lowers the wait in general elections. I have a link to request an absentee ballot, you must do so by April 4th. Don't be left out I hope everyone votes for the April 9th election.  


Elmwood to receive $1.7 million in funding for downtown streetscape

Report on CINewsNow

"Governor Pat Quinn announced a nearly $50 million investment in transportation projects throughout Illinois on Wednesday, including over $1.7 million for Elmwood in funding for their downtown streetscape. ..."

Thursday, January 31, 2013 10:12 AM


Community Coordination

Is Everyone Here?

If a group is missing let us know, email me or talk to Michelle at library.

Elmwood Groups and Organizations

4 H
American Legion/VFW
Assembly of God Church
Association of Commerce
Baptist Church
Booster Club
Boy Scouts
BYE Ambulance
Cemetery Board
Central & West Park
City Council
City of Elmwood
Community Center
Elmwood Business Women
Elmwood Community Foundation
Elmwood Development Association
Elmwood Education Foundation
Elmwood Fire Department
Elmwood High School Alumni
Elmwood High School FFA
Elmwood High School Key Club
Elmwood High School National Honor Society
Elmwood High School Sports
Elmwood Historic Society
Elmwood Municipal Band
Elmwood Township
Fall Festival
First Presbyterian Church
Girl Scouts
Modern Woodmen of America
Mom's Squad
Parents Club
Phelps Barn Foundation
Recovery Efforts
Senior Citizens Club
Spoon River Drive
St. Patrick's Church
Strawberry Festival
United Methodist Church
Weight Watchers
Youth Baseball

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 9:09 AM


Heritage Ensemble

A great performing group will hold a concet at ICC, on Saturday Januarry 12th at 7:30 PM. I was overwhelmed at their June concert; it was a great musical experience. Hertitage Ensemble

Looking for other great events in the area check out the WCBU Arts Calendar

Heritage Ensemble

January 11, 2013

Elmwood Community Center has a New Web Site

Thanks to the efforts of Jeff Lampe the new web site will greatly add to communication and information.

Click Here to check it out

Change Coming: maybe not as soon as Illinois weather

I have created a new web site which appeared in place of, yesterday. This was result of my own incompetence, but is corrected, now that I was forced to follow instructions more carefully. I want to make the ideal guide to visiting Elmwood. Forgottonia will be the new home for the Illinois Observer, Shiire Tales and other reflections of those who live in and love Western Illinois. Some of us love it more than others, but will gladly feature all Forgottonians, even the ones less enchanted with living there. January 10, 2013

Forgottonia Web Site new home for Shire Steve and others

Click to Travel to a Wonderful Land




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News Updates Apr to Aug 2012

News Updates Oct to April 2012

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News Updates Nov. to March

News Updates August to November 2010

News Updates May to August

June 5th, 2010

Storm Damage Photos

Elmwood Tornado