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Elmwood Fall Festival Elm-tastic Extravaganza Letter from Shiloh Written based on Elmwood residents John Forbes and Laura Smith, after Shiloh John Forbes married Laura Smith in 1863

Union Sgt

A minister comes to town, sees a need, finds a team, makes a difference. Elmwood UMC Pastor Mark Graham eight years pastor to the community and Methodist church.

Elmwood Mission to Joplin Mark Graham

Mark Graham with tornado victim in Joplin MO


Sometimes you have to become your own tale.

In conversations yet to come people will ask what could have been? Thoughts on Elmwood Development

Steve Davis Elmwood IL


Jon Gallagher's story of when your apartment looks like it was hit by a tornado, because it was --

Check Out the New Zephyr

Elmwood Tornado Tale June 5, 2010

Galesburg Planet

Nothing Up My Sleeve


Voices of Spoon River: Elmwood Tornado Relief

Click to read and listen to Elmwood schools in voices and stories following tornado.

Elmwood IL Voices of Spoon River

Rural School and Community Trust

Passing of a Different Age in Business

Hold on to old values, but embrace the future

Lessons for Elmwood - Twomey Company

A reflection on a family company being sold to a larger corporation, with a link to my reminiscent in 2004 on a different era.

Individuals in Business

Two Schools, Two Towns, One Team Elmwood Schools

Elmwood and Brimfield have a sports coop, in place since the 1990's. It is probably the most successful of all athletic coops in Illinois High School Sports. IHSA The football team is the Elmwood/Brimfield Trojans (orange/black) games in Elmwood, the baseball team is the Brimfield/Elmwood Indians (red/white) games in Brimfield, the same with other sports, but each school runs a basketball program separately. Both school districts extend east towards Peoria, so some Brimfield students can find themselves almost 25 miles from home when in Elmwood. Ed Rushing saw some of the Brimfield football Trojans killing time, so his exuberant hospitality took over. The resultant tale of his generosity becomes not one story but two. The 2011 Trojans are a unique team, and Eddie Rushing is a unique Elwoodian.

Click for the Tale One Team


Full and By Living Large Erik Davis

Erik's essay comparing his year teaching at Elmwood High School compared to this year's challenge teaching at a school in it's third year on Academic Warning. He is turning it around in his classes.


Looking for Alex Bringing the Punch


Kathy Shoop at Peoria County Board

Kathy Shoop spoke at the Peoria County Board on behalf of the Elmwood Recovery Plan. I have reprinted the text of her speech as one of Elmwood's Tales. To read this Elmwood Tale Click- Tuesday, July 27, 2010 5:39 AM

I will be adding Elmwood Tales in this new section.


Cathy Windish's Big Decision

Cathy Windish printed this thank you/memoir in the Shopper. In 1975 she faced a big decision. 35 years later, it looks like she made the right choice. Any typos are my responsibility as I retyped her letter.

Elmwood Pharmacy

Here's her story:

Karl Taylor's Palace Memory

If you haven't read Karl Taylors Palace Wednesdays ; you will want to find time. It makes me want to have been there hollering Eddie, Eddie, Eddie.

Karl’s father and mother operated The Penny Super Market in Elmwood for over 30 years and were good friends of Ed and Vivian Hahn as well as many of the other people mentioned in this memoir.

Young People Honored

Many of our young people jumped in, to help Elmwood recover. Lemonade stands turned profits for the Elmwood Recovery fund. Elmwood Firefighters honored their efforts with a special day. --- See some of the photos.

Veterans Remembered

The veterans memorial was tipped and damaged by the tornado. People and equipment from McFall Monument in Galesburg helped in erecting the toppled monument. --- Photos

Shiloh Map
Elmwood UMC Faith in Action
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Elmwood IL United Methodist Church

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Back Fair Store

Fair Store Damage

Wolf Covered Bridge Spoon

Spoon River IL

Twomey Co Smithshire IL

Ed Rushing Elmwood Illinois

Erik Elmwood Illinois
Kathy Shoop
Ed Palace






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