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I held a public meeting on August 6th trying to reach out to the community, so that everyone would get involved in helping promote and redevelop Elmwood. I followed up with the actions agreed to at the meeting. Erik Davis had volunteered to write a bi-monthly summary of the actions of the organizations, which he would provide to the Tri-County News and would be posted on this site. The response was, well response is too active a word, only the school district participated. We will have to give up on the project.

The city does now have a web site now, and they are posting their minutes. Here is that page

I have created a page to update City of Elmwood information; I feel needs to be posted. Here is that page. City Page

Elmwood CUSD # 322 has been very cooperative, I thank them for their strong outreach to work with the community.

I am placing link to that page on their web site. Elmwood School Board

The Recovery Committee said they would send their monthly reports but did not.

No other contacted organization responded to the request to participate in helping build better communication with the community. These organizations are the City of Elmwood, Association of Commerce, Elmwood Township, and Elmwood Community Foundation. Monday, November 15, 2010 10:23 AM


The City Council did not respond to my request for posting the agenda and minutes of the meeting on this web site. They continue to only publish, by thumb tack on bulletin board outside City Hall. I attended and took these notes. Wednesday, October 20, 2010 1:00 PM

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tiff project will have a public hearing: setting of date for hearing may happen in November.

Police Report

Tax Levies based on rates and assessed evaluation of property in city has been trending higher the past few years.
 9.21 % of city's assessed value is in Tiff
Proposed 387,200 Levy less than 5% increase
Assessment on Property within City will not be rising in the coming year part tornado and part due to market.

Levy request passed

Trees discussion 

Local Zoning issue information

USDA Revolving Loan Fund Grant  

Rural Development business enterprise grant limited typically at $99,000
Determined by point system
Discussion of whether to submit a pre application
Pre application approved

Proposal for rendering of design for the corner of Magnolia and West Main

A marketing tool and show a historical look to help market the corner.
Motion Tabled

City Wide Recycling
86 surveys for Proposal 1 recycling fee added to water bill
86 surveys for Proposal 2 or opposed to recycling

Tangential Topic: County recycling trailer scheduled to come on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays and leave on following Monday. Does not always stay on schedule.

Report Parks:

Some West Park improvements

Work day of volunteers to help ball fields announced

Other committee reports.

left as meeting was closing Wednesday, October 20, 2010 1:03 PM


I have missed the last two meetings of the Elmwood City Council. Nancy's sister from Alaska was here two weeks ago, and last night I was in Memphis playing the part of chauffeur. I guess my story would be driving Miss Nancy; which is a common form of expression here in the Mid South. The council does not release its agenda to me for this site. It will not release minutes until they are approved so reporting on any topic is delayed by two weeks or more. Last night a report on whether the city should issue its own building permits in place of the county. This issue will affect everyone in Elmwood; if you have an opinion get involved. Wednesday, October 6, 2010 11:49 AM


The City Council did not respond to my request for posting the agenda and minutes of the meeting on this web site. They continue to only publish, by thumb tack on bulletin board outside City Hall. I attended and took these notes. Wednesday, September 8, 2010 3:49 PM

City Council September 7th

Meeting Attending, Howerton, Paige, Moody, Avery, Ekena

Absent, Roberts (in Kuwait)

Reading of Meeting Minutes

Approval of Bills approved

Tres. Report

State Income Tax:  on time monthly checks for the past 3 mos. State of Illinois still 5 months behind
Cell tower revenue anticipated in 2011
Motor fuel revenue is coming at normal levels
Property Tax disbursement to City of Elmwood will be recieved after second installment of property tax payments in September.
Reports on the several funds the City of Elmwood maintains.

Elmwood Restoration Fund currently has somewhat in excess of $26,000

Trees for Central Park Report approved

Police Report  

Sept Schedule wil include added hours for Fall Festival

Agenda Topic 1  City Zoning  in place of County Zoning

Dave Jordan speaking to City of Elmwood about doing the zoning in the city limits, as opposed to Peoria County.  Many suggesting that Peoria County fees are high. Many have related problems encountered by property owners and contractors in working with the County Zoning Office. Delays in construction starts as approvals wait on Peoria County.  Nearly every city or municipal unit in Peoria County is in charge of their own zoning.

Jeremy Dalton (local contractor) related his experience with zoning office today.

Tom Meyers speaking on general impediments to new residential development or improvements caused by the permitting process and zoning requirements.

Larry Waugh estimates Peoria County increases cost of building as opposed to other counties.

City of Elmwood indicated their interest into looking into zoning requirements for the City of Elmwood.

City Attorney Robert Potts will report at the next meeting on his current finding as to zoning requirements and consequences to the City of Elmwood of performing the permitting process.

Agenda Topic 2

Jeff Lampe youth league backstop repair at Sweetwater Park baseball fields

Project to include 1 new backstop & repair another backstop with recycled materials one replaced with new materials.

Bid on project $6471

Current available funds

Grant recieved $2500 and from baseball fund $500

Remaining amount in baseball fund $100.

Need $3471

Batting cage improvements and other improvements will occur this year.

Workdays will be organized to finish painting in bathrooms and work on batting cages

City will determine funds available report back to Jeff next month.

Agenda Topic 3

Did clearly hear how this was stated so will skip, seemed perfunctory.

Agenda Topic 4

Elmwood Recovery Committee Report

Richard Taylor

Applied to IDOT for sidewalk grant for Elmwood motion approved

Recovery Coordinator Report

Revolving loan funds 

Debriefing of emergency response in general review was good.

Resurfacing of highway in town will start on Monday the 13th

Drawings for City Hall are in

Discussion of how to proceed with contracting and repair

Motion to let rebuilding of City Hall according to state statue with Disaster coordinator and other city officers to oversee project of rebuilding city hall.

Passed by all councilmen

Report Continues

Drawings begun for West Park --- Lowes assisting in project

CDAP grant under review

Recovery Committee meets on Wednesday at 4:30

Report concluded

Standing Committee reports

Meeting Adjourned


August 23, 2010



Regular Meeting, 8/23/10The Elmwood Community Unit School District #322 Board of Education was called to order at 6:02 pm with the following present:  W. Davis, T. Dwyer, B. Frietsch, T. Meyers, D. Ramsay, and D. Young.  T. Teel was absent. 
Wendy Coulter, EHS Teacher, was present on behalf of the union.  New Staff members present: Jake Brosman, HS math teacher; Sarah Cole, HS Special Education teacher; Lindsy Barrett, HS teacher aide; Jennifer Hoben, Speech Therapist; and Erika Goldstein, Bright Futures teacher.  New staff members not able to attend: Sue Dilsaver, elementary teacher aide and Amy McKinty, elementary teacher aide.
The following agenda items were approved:
*Minutes Regular Board Meeting, 7/26/10
* Bills, Payroll, Activity Reports and Additional Bills
* Treasurer’s Report
*Employment of Amy McKinty as a part-time elementary aide for the 2010-11 school year
*Resignation of Pat Cox as a part-time latchkey aide effective immediately
*Employment of Pat Cox as a part-time elementary aide for the 2010-11 school year
*Employment of Lindsy Barrett as a full-time high school aide for the 2010-11 school year
*Employment of Sue Dilsaver as a part-time elementary aide for the 2010-11 school year
*Employment of Ashlee Pumphrey as a part-time Bright Futures aide for the 2010-11 school year
*Employment of Caren Ramsay as a Kindergarten teacher for the 2010-11 school year
*Employment of Erika Goldstein as a Bright Futures teacher for the 2010-11 school year
*Employment of Brad Muir as a part-time high school custodian for the 2010-11 school year
*Employment of Eric wells as a long-term substitute custodian at the high school
*Tony Frost and Stan Matheny as Elmwood CUSD 322 Representatives to the SEAPCO Board of Control in the absence of the Superintendent
*Treasurer Bond for Sherry Swindler
*Annual Recognition of Schools application as presented
*Tentative budget as presented
*Job description for transportation director
*Employment of Joe Harkness as Transportation Director effective immediately to perform the duties of that position as established by prior action of the Board at an annual salary of $35,623.90
*APACE as architect for Elmwood CUSD #322 effective immediately
*$25 increase for family coverage, $15 for dependent/spouse or children, and $5 for employee only in Non-Certified Employee Health Insurance Contribution Rates
*Amended Random Drug Testing Policy as presented
*Contract with Mobex Testing Services as presented for the 2010-11 school year
*Retirement resignation of Tim Daugherty as music teacher effective at the end of the 2010-11 school year.
The following committee reports were heard; T. Dwyer – Finance; D. Young – Building
Dr. Alvey, Superintendent, reported on the following items: Facility Update, Enrollment Update, School Board Election filing date changes; Center for Academic Progress – low expenditure/high academics; Bright Star Award
Mr. Frost, Elementary Principal, reported on the following items: Dates to Remember; Faculty/staff Changes; Update on Enrollment and Class Numbers; Building Update, and 2009-10 ISAT Test Results.
Mr. Matheny, Jr./Sr. High Principal, reported on the following items: Building Update, New Staff Members; Test Results; ACT Composite Scores and Calendar of Events .
Mrs. Meyers, Guidance Counselor, reported on the following items: Room Assignments; Off Campus Classes; Virtual School; and Powerschool log-in statistics.
The Board & Administration commends the teaching staff for their hard work on student ISAT and PSAE/ACT scores.








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