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    July 14, 2010
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To Elmwood and surrounding communities:

This week marks my 35th anniversary of coming to Elmwood. In 1975 I visited Elmwood the spring before my graduation from Drake University School of Pharmacy. I remember that day well because I realized, as Mary Lewellyn was giving me a tour, what a charming community Elmwood was.

At that time our class was being heavily recruited by a chain store (yes, it started with W-----), but that was not for me. Les Hiett, R.Ph. opened the 'welcome door' and because I immediately fell in love with Elmwood, I returned his call that evening. It was one of those huge decisions that was easy for me to make. All I knew was that it was great opportunity. I started working that July for Les Hiett and Jack Steer.

Now thirty five years later, I have been given new opportunities. Farmers State Bank relocated us within just a few days after the tornado. Fred and Pam Paige have been great to help us get our business up and running.

As I reflect back, some life altering event has happened to me every five years (i.e. 1970, 1975, 1980, etc.) Therefore this was the year for change and I have been very restless thinking about what change was in store. The prayers were answered, but with a huge price. We had outgrown our old location, but it took quite a jolt to move us forward. Now, we have drawn up plans for our new location which will give us working space, business and private consultation offices, and enclosed area for our compounding lab.

We are looking forward to this new opportunity for us along with the opportunities for our community. Elmwood was charming 35 years ago and it will return to its charm.

All the businesses are needed. There is NO business more important than another. We all need each other to survive. Let us all take the opportunities to make Elmwood strive. Opportunity existed 35 years ago and it still exists today.

Thank you for all of your years of support from the past and into the years to come.


Cathy Windish, R.Ph.

Steve's Note

Elmwood Pharmacy will Reopen in New Location

The upstairs of the building the Elmwood Pharmacy is currently operating out of will become the new home of Windish's family owned pharmacy. Front windows have been replaced other repairs continue. Remodeling will be going on for a couple of weeks, but in the near future everyone will be able to walk in the street level door. Nancy and I have always had a special connection to Shoe Box greeting cards. They are silly cards, with messages that are a little offbeat. Nancy, as women have a tendency to do, used to give them to me. When we were engaged and first married she would bring home Shoe Box cards to give me for no apparent reason. The Elmwood Pharmacy has always been my local source for birthday, anniversary, and Valentine's Day Shoe Box cards. When they are open and running drop in buy a silly card, then send it to an old friend, encourage them to support Elmwood's recovery efforts. Thursday, June 24, 2010 1:09 PM

A Shoe Box Classic

On Cover



Inside Greeting

"Each day I love you a little mower"

Old Pharm
Cathy and Ron Windish own Elmwood Pharmacy. Operating at 106 E Main ST, formerly at 106 N Magnolia.
After opening in basement of this building. Elmwood Pharmacy will soon be open as a store front business once again.






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