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    July 30, 2012
Joplin Mission Trip
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Joplin July 31_12
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Joplin Mission Trip

Elmwood Community Mission Possible

July 30, 2012

Day one was getting oriented, adjusting to 106 0r 108 degrees heat. Working with volunteer groups and associations is a challenge of logistics. We are thankful to be here.

Rebuild Joplin

Our day started with orientation at the office of Rebuild Joplin. I thought there were many volunteers today. 800 Americorps volunteers were in town last week.

Rebuild Joplin

Joplin Volunteers

One of the many groups starting their day at Rebuild Joplin.

Rebuild Joplin Orientation

Many groups are building and helping in Joplin. We were part of morning orientation.

Joplin Trip House Site

We began our day on this site, getting started unloading.



Joplin July 30

Getting started picking up on site where the previous volunteers left the house.

Joplin July 30th

Trailer for everything

July 30 Excavation

Excavation on site beside us

Joplin July 30

Starting trying to find square

Refill Site Joplin

Site beside us being refilled and packed in place.

Joplin Build to Suit

Another build to suit site just west of us

Joplin Dusty August

Dry drought conditions make dust the most available commodity

Joplin July 30

Tent a wonderful asset today as temperature topped at about 106

Joplin United Methodist Church

Church in Joplin allows our group to prepare lunches in their building.

Joplin Rebuild Planning

Plans, checking designs, organizing, a difficult task with volunteer groups and charity organizations.

Green Forrest  Neosho Mo

Essential food gathering required to keep everyone going, we hunted down a restaurant with a wide variety of choices.


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Illinois Observer

Joplin July 30_12

Joplin July 31_12

Joplin August 1_12

Joplin August 2_12

Joplin August 3_12



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