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    November 15, 2011
Joplin Photo 2
Joplin Photo 3
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Joplin Mission Trip Fairview Center

One Less Empty Space -- Experience in Joplin MO


Ozark Camp And Retreat

We are staying at this camp, so we have wonderful lodgings at night. So nice even I almost enjoy it at dawn.

Joplin Garage

The skilled part of trip are going to build a garage here, Doug from Home Sweet Homes came out with basset hound Huck, to make sure we were starting with needed supplies.

Shed Demo

The less skilled crew was given a shed to rehab. Many groups are building storage sheds for residents. This man wanted his rehabed instead of a new one.

Shed Complete

By end of day this is the shed ready for paint.



Garage 1st Day

This is where the skilled crew had gotten when we came back

Joplin Photos Nov_11

Photos from around Joplin today

Joplin Hospital

Hospital in path of tornado

Joplin Pool Repair

Swimming Pool rebuild

Joplin Used Car

Actually where we rebuilt shed had a Volkswagen Bug blown into their yard, from a block away.

Path Joplin

Open view down the valley as the tornado made a path

Joplin Home

Rebuilt looking nice

Joplin damage

Across the street not looking as good.

Joplin Damage

Joplin Stuff in Trees

As always stuff stuck in trees

Joplin Elementary

An elementary school

Joplin Steps

Build to suit the steps there is nothing else on this lot.

Joplin Flowers on bare lot

Flowers hanging on, on this bare lot.

Joplin Mosaic Steps

This two story 4 square was getting insulation today, and will add colorful steps in rebuild.

Joplin Hope Stars

Little signs of hope and prayers are scattered all over the neighborhood

Joplin Stars

Joplin Volunteer Stand

Thanking the volunteers

Joplin MO Cross

Cross Memorial

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Illinois Observer

Joplin Photo 2

Joplin Photo 3

Illinois Observer a thoughtful experience