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Nauvoo IL an easy drive from Elmwood

Illinois' Native America Past

Spring Mill Indiana

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North Carolina Monument on Seminary Ridge Gettysburg PA

The Western campaigns of the Civil War fought for control of the Mississippi River and the territory West of the Appalachians. The Eastern campaigns centered on capturing or defending Richmond VA and Washington D.C. The Union Navy blockaded Southern ports. Southern naval efforts tried to break up the Union blockades. Naval operations were very important in the West assisting on the interior rivers with with gunboats and rams. More attention has been paid to the battles in the East, but Union strategy succeeded based upon the successes of the Western armies and navies. Controversy and divided opinions still live to this day, it is a fascinating period of history, and Illinois played an important role. I hope this will be helpful in discovering this rich history. Two great vacations in two scenic areas of the United States, I have enjoyed both very much.

The Western Campaign: Vicksburg and Shiloh

The Eastern Campaign: Gettysburg and Sharpsburg

IL 8th Cav

Illinois 8th Cavalry fired the first shot at Gettysburg