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Mothers Against Stress on Mothers Day

You could stop by Farm King on the way to your mother's house buy a card. Hope that she will have a great meal and wants to watch baseball. At least, listen while you nap, and she does the dishes. Approach one does have its drawbacks.

Farm King Elmwood IL

There is a wiser way to show your mother: love, affection, and something even better great BBQ. A special Mother's Day brunch including hand carved standing prime rib, homemade desserts, bakery items, omelette bar, and more. click link for info. Make reservations at the Hick'ry Stick, if your mother lives in Elmwood you could walk. Probably cost the price of one meal just to drive out of town, maybe two depending on size of your family and the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Treat your Mother to a great carefree family day without a drive. Hick'ry Stick Mothers Day Brunch

Reserve a place either in the morning seating between 9:00 - 9:30 AM, noon 12:00-12:30 PM, or afternoon 2:00-2:30 PM

Hick'ry Stick Elmwood IL

Info at Hick'ry Stick web - Hick'ry Stick Facebook, or call 309 742-8900


Mother Day May 13, 2012

Gertrude Davis Steve Davis 2010

My mother and I in May 2010.

Three audio clips I recorded of a service of fellowship in Smithshire United Methodist Church

The One True Image of Christ is on the South Wall of Smithshire United Methodist Church

Heaven's Welcome

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