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Christmas 2010

As I embark on the Christmas letter, I really do not know what mood to convey.  It was not a joyous year and yet it was filled with grace and love.  This is the year I grew up in some sense; I remember friends asking me when I was in my 20’s do you feel like a grown up, now?  Our mutual answer was always, “not really” each day transitions slowly, and now I seem to be asked so are you retired? The answer again is “not really”. I just sold my business, and my official job as township assessor barely ranks as employment. It has taken an inordinate amount of time partly because of the tornado.  I have spent hours on my web site, which I hope to use as a vehicle to connect our community and help revive it.  I set this up as a non-profit venture so it is not really a job, either.  I have irritated the powers that be to the point they have started their own web site attempting to directly undermine my efforts.  So you cannot say even if I am “not really” employed I have had no effect. 

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