December 22, 2011

It's Chritmastime

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If you want to skip the snarky irreverent part I will put in a marker -- CLICK IT -- and just skip to the next marker.  Some people think Christmas letters should only be about family achievements and doctor’s visits; I was never in that camp.

It’s Christmas Time

Our contemporary group sang Michael Smith’s Christmastime on Sunday.  The women doing the angelic chorus part and the men in our group doing the Smith solo part.  I was once told this song was first created when Smith was at his children’s school. He was asked to play something at Christmastime, he got going on the musical theme to it’s Christmastime. He had everyone singing this new tune. Smith got so involved he stayed playing with the theme and creating the rest of the song as everyone else left to continue the scheduled events.  Do you suppose his daughters were somewhat disdainful of his obsessive actions?  Yeah, I think so. 


Michael W. Smith Christmastime on YouTube

OK, I did twenty seconds of Internet research to try and verify this Christmastime story. I think twenty seconds of Internet research on any topic is the new academic standard for our mobile-attention-deficit age.  I couldn’t verify it, but why should the lack of sourcing stand in the way of a good story. After all, this is the age of Birtherism.

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