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just email: The Steve

email to: Jim Messina, Do Not Want Donation

Dear Mr. Messina and the Obama Campaign:


Obama 2012

You developed a great tool will you use to transform a nation? Are you in?

I would like to ask you to transform our political process. Some would say it is a lot to ask, others would claim you have already done it.  I believe it is simply a matter of rethinking our tools and resources, and with your help we can transform the age. Where are we today? We do not have a Democratic House; our elections are drowned in money. Policy is ignored as our opponents continue down the path of hyperbole, investigations, and irrational rage. The power of money is still entrenched and formidable, discourse based on science and reason is posed for suicidal charges. Your community of connections proved it could outcompete money, but it can be so much more. My request is not for money because your social network infrastructure is priceless. You are positioned to lead us to a new level of political power in the information age.  You have the keys to the castle, so I request that you help us move past our Kafkaesque politics.

Franz Kafka wrote a parable about couriers and kings, paraphrasing it.

Couriers had wonderful hats with the grandest of feathers; all the hot celebrities were couriers. They were on the magazines, had huge twitter followings, the paparazzi chased them. Offered the choice between becoming kings or the couriers of kings; the way children would, they all wanted to be couriers. 

'Hanging Chads' by outragousart.

Now, there are no kings, only couriers who hurry about the world, shouting to each other. Their messages have become meaningless, without kings to act. They would like to put an end to this miserable life of theirs, but they dare not it pays so well.

Here are my suggestions to make this happen. Organize your network of contacts by Congressional districts. Using the Obama Dashboard as an example all contacts should have a group waiting for them that is composed of others in their own district.  These groups should host policy discussions, outreach strategies, and be the conduit for information distribution. You should invite local Democratic Party organizations to become a community within your group, Kos communities, Move On communities, and others should be a part of the group within the group concept. Each group would have to identify members participating by Congressional district, e.g. the Kossacks of IL 18.  The first goal of this effort should be a 435 plus 1 project. It should be our goal to elect Democrats to every Congressional district.  

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