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The American Dream --- Written in response to a question,"is there still an American Dream?"

Our Dream is a belief in the future
The American Dream is the belief that common individuals can work together to create a better future. We believe that we are capable of coming to together to govern ourselves. The American Dream does not believe we live in the land of the perfect, after all we are trying to form a more perfect Union.

Most of our fore-bearers risked and sacrificed, in the belief it would be possible to create a better future. America has often been forced to overcome shackles to reach for the American Dream, but the majority have kept reaching. Wealth and privilege have often tried to curtail equal opportunities for all, but we continued.

Pioneer Cemetery Henderson County IL

Illinois Pioneer Cemetery

Quill Pen

As seen in the Eastern Bloc two decades ago, and the Middle East today, power ultimately derives from the consent of the governed. We have the capability to again control our own affairs, ....

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