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Marriage is the Clay

I am the only member of our church to have had the privilege of hearing every sermon twice, since we started two services at Elmwood UMC.  I come in and change the slides, videos, and music in our makeshift multi media area.  Mark Graham, our pastor, prints out his sermons and I follow along. I often get my sons to fill in when the band I sing in is playing. The art of the Power Point Alex has christened it. We actually use Media Shout. My sons are great at the clever phrase, especially if they can chide me a little in doing it.  Our band which has played in venues as far away from our church as Yates City is called Closer to Free. My sons continue to refer to it as the Crucified Bears. If you google "crucified bears" you will get references to Lift High the Cross.  Where my once little boys interpreted the words to be Crucified Bears as in Yogi.


It may seem a dubious privilege to hear each sermon twice, but I AM USUALLY ONLY HALF LISTENING THE FIRST TIME. This past week the band was playing in the second service,  

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