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Elmwood Community Joplin MO Mission Trip

Come Share in the Joplin Experience

Joplin Team Elmwood IL

Everyone Invited on Sunday Nov. 4th

At the Elmwood Presbyterian Church at Noon

Enjoy a Presentation - Meet the Team

Get Onboard for a Future Project



Elmwood's Joplin Mission a feature article in the Peoria Journal Star

Elmwood mission group lends hand in rebuilding Joplin
Group sought to give back after experiencing own tornado

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Jerry Powers in Joplin

Every day the temperatures went over a 100, highs of 106 or 108. We left for the job site at 5:30 each day. We accomplished many projects, lack of good coordination with on ground Joplin groups prevented us from accomplishing more. Storms came through the area on Thursday night, Neosho got nearly an inch of desperately needed rain. Joplin may not consider themselves lucky, but fortunately for us, the rain in Joplin was only enough cut down the dust. We found the best conditions of any day: less dust, cooler temps, simply ideal to finish our part of the project. As we started a thunderstorm still threatened, with lightening shots occurring, but the intense storm cell kept moving away. We were able to have a great productive morning. The house was sheeted and covered with tri-flex by Grace. It was ready for shingles, which were delivered as we left. We all went back to Joplin's First United Methodist Church where we were able to take showers before returning to Elmwood, Farmington, or Yates City. We all left in our separate vehicles, a drive of 7.5 hours, but while in Joplin we were an awesome team. We had a week filled with many positive accomplishments, and we left with Joplin still moving slowly forward. A photo history of each day.

Photos Monday July 30th 2012

Joplin Photos Tuesday July 31st 2012

Joplin Wednesday August 1_12

Joplin Photos Thursday August 2_12

Joplin Photos Friday August 3_12

Rebuild Joplin



As we head into 100 degree plus heat, we will move some projects along. Thank you for all the community support. I am sharing some notes about our tasks to give an idea of what we will be doing.

Rebuild Joplin - Elmwood Trip

1.        We will NOT be finishing the roofing and shingling the 900 ft^2 house.  They did not make very good progress  and do not have the subfloor down yet.

2.       A high priority project on a 1400 ft^2 house has been excavated and the footing are formed but not poured.  This house was to be ready to frame the next week after we leave.  A large church group was to come in and frame. 

3.       We are on track still for Bob S. Bob C. and Jim G. to dig in sewer lines to at least 3 houses.  Bob C. and Jim G will arrive later in the afternoon on Monday and hopefully Bob Shoop will have the machine no site and know the scope of work. OK.

Current Plan:
( Please note that I did not get a chance to talk to all of you to see what they would like to do.  We did not have a good idea of the project scope until today.  Please let us know if you are interested in either of these projects.  There of course may be other projects that we find out about when we get there.
Footing and Blocks:  Location:      2021 Jackson St. -   1400 ft^2     
Dave Hall,  Claude Keefer, Scott Desplinter, Lionel Martin and Jean-Claude (maybe another or so) Pour Footings and start laying blocks.  Hope to finish by Thursday PM.
Finish Floor Joists/ subfloor and start framing.   2422 Pennsylvania Ave  900 ft^2
Tom Boyer, Jerry Powers, Brad Johnson, Laura Stewart?, Others.
This involves getting the last few floor joists in place and sheeting the floor with 3/4” OSB.  These pieces will be glued and then nailed in place.  Some of this is heavier work to get the sheeting in place, tapped tightly, and tacked in place.   A bit lighter work is to follow up and nail the whole sheet in place.  Once completed,  the framing of the walls can start.  Few ideas here are to have a couple people building headers for the windows and doors. (couple of people working on this. Cutting and  nailing them together.) A couple more people can be laying out the walls and a few helpers can be bringing wall studs to put into place.  All needed to stand a wall section up in place, plumb and brace.
We did not get confirmation that a house would be to the stage where we can get the service entrance mounted and the meter base.  This may still be possible but we will not know until Monday.  ( Tim T.  Please still plan on this but we may have to see if there is another house in a stage where this can be done.)
We all have to go to the orientation.  We may have miss understood that we could go directly to site.  We are all to go to the following address for a 7:30am meeting on Monday.  ( Mark G. will confirm the 7:30 time)
Rebuild Joplin Regional Office
705 Illinois Str.  Joplin Mo.
Logistics info:
The 2 sites above are a few blocks apart so that might make Lunch easier.  Unfortunately, the excavation and sewer lines  team are a bit further away.  Not terrible.  I am sure the lunch team will easily sort this out.
Weathers info:
The forecast is to still be hot and dry next week.
I will be taking a 3 and 5 gallon cooler with cone cups.
We also are taking a pop up tent to provide for some shade.

Joplin Mission Trip meeting at the United Methodist Church on Monday, July 23, 8:30 pm to go over final details for the trip.  

PDF of Volunteer Info pack

This NPR report on Joplin today (May 7, 2012) New Lessons

Joplin High Elmwood IL Mission Trip

The Elmwood Community is planning and raising money for a mission trip to Joplin, MO. An opportunity to give back to a tornado devastated city.

Video of Joplin MO Tornado

Photos of storm and aftermath

Events, meetings, and fund raisers:

Light the Fuse for Mission Possible

Starting at 6 PM on Sunday July 15th --- Raised $600

in Elmwood's Central Park

Charcoal Grilled Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Kitchen Cooked Chips, Cookies, Iced Tea, Lemon Ade at no charge

Music by Closer to Free -- A short service to pray for and dedicate the Joplin Mission Trip

other music artists are invited but unconfirmed at this time

Donations Accepted for Rebuild Joplin

by Elmwood Churches Charity Fund

Retro Reminder of TV Show


Sunday July 15th in Central Park

Light the Fuse

Mission Possible Elmwood IL

for the Mission Possible Joplin Trip

Come join us for a kick off service with food and music. Donations will allow the Elmwood Community to help the tornado devastated Joplin MO. More details will be posted as plans are finalized. Ahead of band concert starting around 6:30 PM. Tuesday, June 26, 2012 10:42 AM

Mission Possible Shirts are In


Support Joplin T Shirts for Sale

Color is Safety Green. Youth and Adult sizes available $15 -- size XXL $17 XXXL $18

Front: Mission Possible

Mission Possible

(play on the Mission Impossible logo)

Back: Through HIM all things are possible!

Elmwood - Joplin July 29 - August 3, 2012 First Presbyterian Church, St Patrick's Catholic Church, United Methodist Church

Order yours by July 8th. Checks payable to St Patrick's Altar and Rosary. For info: Call Franke Keefer 742-7431or Dianne Burwell 742-3119

Can be ordered during the pork chop sale at the park on Saturday the 23rd.

Pork Chops on Saturday June 23

St Patrick Church will be selling pork chop sandwiches in Elmwood's Central Park starting at 11 AM to raise money for Joplin Mission Trip. An easy way to support our Community Mission Trip.

Fashions for Joplin Friday May 18th

A fashion show with local models wearing clothes featured by Every Little Thing. This is a fundraiser for the Joplin Mission trip. My wife Nancy, is denying carbs their proper role in her diet, hoping to be a more fit model or a model who still fits. Drop by Every Little Thing or Contact Mary Nell Simpson

Every Little Thing Elmwood IL

$100 Donation from Smithshire United Methodist Church -- Closer to Free Event

Organizational Meeting Saturday April 28, 7 AM at Uptown Cafe

The opportunity to show Elmwood cares beyond our own community. Also, the chance for a very good breakfast, such twofer opportunities should not be overlooked.

Stamp-a-Stack and Scrap Fund Raiser for Joplin Saturday April 28, 9 AM to 3 PM

Elmwood Community hugs Joplin

Georgia Stevens has organized this fund raiser to help the Joplin Mission in August. It will be held at the Elmwood UMC. A presentation of a mission trip to Joplin with slides of Joplin and that mission trip will occur at 9:30 AM. So you should come, otherwise you may be stamped, stacked, and scrapped. Food will also be available during this event. Just go from breakfast to lunch, or possibly second breakfast. ---- $500 raised for the trip GREAT!!!

Spaghetti Supper for Joplin
Spaghetti Supper Fundraiser for Joplin Mission Trip Saturday Starting at 4 PM -- Elmwood UMC info

March 17 Organizational Meeting

Pastor Gene Campbell and I have discussed the possibility of pulling together people from the Elmwood community -- including all the churches to send a work team possibly to Joplin Missouri this summer.  There will be an initial inquiry meeting this Saturday, March 17, 9 am at the United Methodist Church in which we will look at options that may be available to us.  Possible dates for a work trip might be July 29 - August 4, leaving on a Sunday afternoon and returning on a Friday afternoon.  If the Joplin trip does not come through, we obviously have some other options we can pursue in Harrisburg, IL or in Indiana.  I hope to have more information by Saturday of possible projects for us in Joplin this summer and/or possible projects in Harrisburg if it turns out to be a better fit.  I hope you can come and give your input.  
Mark Graham
United Methodist Church

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See November Mission Trip to Joplin --- Hard Work and Great Rewards

June 5th, 2010

Storm Damage Photos

Elmwood Tornado