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A New Life Begins

I am starting a new series of postings, they will be personal and serious. Serious never means without quirky jokes and witty asides. All remarks subject to personal taste as to whether they will be found funny or clever. This will be changing while I edit it and add thoughts as I try to relate my journey. I posted my Christmas letter stating what I thought to be true, our family was all well. My parents although preparing to celebrate their eighty second birthdays and sixtieth wedding anniversary in 2010 seemed to be going on almost as always. My father had had colon cancer in 1990's but had been cleared from reoccurence being likely. It was never in my imagination that lukemia was more likely because of those treatments fifteen years ago. So when I wrote in my December letter "... my parents are doing well in Smithshire." Cmas Letter 2009 I had no idea that I would be living through the most life altering days of my life starting on January 19th. It was time to say good-bye. Love a Community

A New Life Begins


View from my parents porch; the phrase flat land never more true.

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