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It’s Christmas Time

But here is how it goes, I go vote. My fact filled self (fact not fat), able to discuss the policy points on any of the most crucial issues of our times, and get in line. In line behind me another voter who is there because Glenn Beck told him to be very afraid. Who only knows Ohbamma is a muslin, Kenyan communist, who plans to put us in gulags called FEMA camps, after taking our guns. At least 30% to 60% of potential voters are not showing up at all, the apathetic caucus. It is called Democracy; money and apathy can trump knowledge. Thems da facts.

Here’s my advice; turn off everything and think. Despite my information overload lifestyle, at times I do turn everything off and think. We have Dish for TV, they have a camera on their satellite. Sometimes, especially if I’m doing a bible study, I turn it on to that channel. It reminds me all I know is contained on this small world. The universe is much more than our world, so must be God. It puts me in perspective; I worry less about my personal piques. I can’t put a snarky rejoinder on that thought. Be at peace, find a space and time to think, have a great New Year.

Earth from Moon

Snark Alert

It became difficult to work on this letter, because the/our cat Ginger wanted to sleep in my lap.

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