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It’s Christmas Time

I do not have a smart phone to make all this mobile. (One I do not think I am smart enough to possess a smart phone, it might betray me. Two I am not mobile enough to need to watch blockbuster movies on a 3” screen.) As it is, I am overwhelmed by breaking news, even without mobility or smartness. This is what pulled my attention away from the distraction guy, yesterday.  Breaking: Kim Jung IL is still dead. It was the third day and he was a god, at least within the confines of North Korea. Breaking: It was reported by our Capitol Hill sources the Tea Party caucus was in secret meetings. A rumor was floating that a wizard was coming to bestow a Christmas gift, but it seems the gift was turned down. Brains prevent the GOP from appealing to the Tea Party. Oh no, be bipartisan, I was bipartisan for years. (Years, actually means decades, since I am old. Erik and Alex feel the need to remind me of this often.)

Donkey-Elephant Dance

Bipartisanship was drowned and left for dead back at the end of the 20th Century. Bipartisanship cannot exist unless factual information and actual performance based solutions are the goal. I used to believe we needed the fiscal responsibility of the GOP and the social justice of the Democrats, but that was decades ago. The new GOP/Tea Party supports neither approach.  Breaking news: politicians on both sides are owned by power, influence, and money.  Here’s the only real problem with our politics, money and apathy. OK that is two things.  Money controls everything and should be banned by constitutional amendment. There are several proposals: Dylan Ratigan, Lawrence Lessig, John Yarmuth, Buddy Roemer, etc. With all the digital information at our fingertips an informed electorate should be easy to achieve.

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