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I will continue and explore each of these priorities, although some of the implementation strategies may overlap within the five priorities I will try not be repetitive.

A Business Development Strategy

to Revitalize the Downtown Business District

I welcome your input, which I will publish here, if you want to email me.

I will probably be revising this over the next couple of days, it seems I have to reword, correct spelling, and clarify anything I write over several days. I do hope my edits lead to better writing; sometimes it seems the end result still makes the concept of better writing a debatable issue.

Five top priorities of a successful economic plan

1) Increasing profitability of Elmwood businesses

2) Twenty-first century business recruitment

3) Tri-generational sustainable development

4) Synergy in multiple economic enterprises

5) Raising Elmwood's standard of living


Sustainable Development

Ok the tri-generational part, I want a plan for the future of Elmwood. A plan that will look forward over enough years to include the lives of my sons, their future children (assuming they actually get married and have children at some point), and their childrens children. Three future generations is about all we have any reason to believe we might plan for with any understanding of their needs.

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There is one ultimate rule that history will validate. The more of the natural world we pass on to future generations the more they will praise our foresight. The more of the natural world we despoil, the more we will be thought of as ignorant selfish people. The achievement of sustainable development is two fold; first building with designs and materials that will last for one hundred years or more and secondly, to provide energy needs in as low cost and low impact way as possible.

Our first and highest priority is to get all the existing businesses up and operating. Our only hope for a dynamic and vibrant community is if we have a second stage, longer term development plan. It needs to be a project that will excite people and attract outside investors. It needs to be profitable for the developers, tenants, city, township, and county. The new development project must be very sustainable. We need to add energy efficiencies in the rebuilding of existing buildings. We should consider ground transfer to contain heating and cooling costs, and we need to connect multiple buildings through a centralized system. We ought to incorporate solar and possibly wind. Plans for lighting, insulation, windows, and door entrances that enhance efficiency should be incorporated in the rebuilding process. Did you know at Camp Lejeune almost all residential housing is using solar heated water?

We need expertise and some critical thinking in making these plans. It is because of this need to reach out and increase our knowledge base, that I suggested this committee structure for involvement of the public, pdf of outline. Our project must allow Elmwood residents to create a better life. We now are being guided by a nineteenth century model of development; it is the only successful model we know. We need to realize an economy based on those within a radius of a team and wagon is not necessary. We are every bit as much a vital part of the global economy as any other location. We need to awake ourselves to new possibilities. We need to evaluate what is meaningful in people's lives and how as a community we can enhance our lives. We must develop a new model to conduct daily business, celebrate festivals, enhance our culure, activities to entertain and excite us. If we do, we can find investors willing to buy in to Elmwood. Essentially we must make Elmwood a better place to live. Next the Opportunity of Synergy

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