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Tarps Over Elmwood  

     Much talk about TARP over the past year, Toxic Asset Relief Program, but that TARP is another debate. Elmwood is definitely a city of tarps right now. While I type work continues to make areas more weather proof. Some just roof repair, but construction is going on as well. I keep checking on grocery store, but it is not open. Much of the Downtown waits; ten days after the tornado people are still fixing and covering up, and many big decisions are yet to be made. Every day it doesn't rain especially without a high wind is a plus. Library and the old gym community center were really just in need of a roof which is done or being done.


Brown Animal Clinic

Everyday is a change, everyday struggles persist.The cafe, grocery store, and post office all are in buildings without great damage but are not yet able to open. Just waiting must be so difficult for these individuals who need to be in operation.


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