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Earlier this year my wife snuck up behind me, when my head cleared and I became aware of my surroundings, I saw her, remote in hand, watching a peculiar channel, HGTV (Home and Garden Television). I have since learned she has become a fan of this network. In her travels left alone to her own devices, she has surfed the hotel cable offerrings. Now, she watches whiny people buy houses in our country and around the world. Even if I am, a somewhat reluctant viewer, I have enjoyed a couple episodes of Holmes on Homes Holmes comes into a house and investigates a problem and then tens of thousands of dollars later you see how the problem is fixed. Often relatively new renovations are ripped out and thrown away before the Holmes crew can start to fix it correctly.

I have standard advice to anyone wondering what is under their carpet or behind a wall, "you don't want to know". I am well aware anytime you start a project, you usually uncover a problem. It will need to be fixed first. Unless, you want someone like Holmes coming in and tossing everything. So much time and money to put in place it can all be wasted. Problems unforeseen at the start will need to be fixed before a job can be completed. I like working with people I can trust. People who know their job and do it right. People helping me not spend any more of my money than is necessary. I like working with people like Joe Merrick.

Merrick's Floorcovering laid floors in the new addition to our house. They are currently doing the floors in our kitchen and dining room. I will add pictures as they are finished this week.

Photos from our floor projects with Merrick's

Tedious work

Removal always fun

Subfloor a priority, yet unseen

Vinyl floor

Kitchen floor is done I like the new look

Stove and refrigerator back in place

On to the dining room. Cat only appears after everyone is gone.

Oak Hardwood

Dining room floor is done

Merrick floor

Oak hardwood polyurethane

Thresholds, seams, adjustments complete

Dinner in dining room tonight

Dining room

I was only planning for Nancy, did not set a place for the cat.

Friday, January 28, 2011 11:43 AM

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Interested in what I do watch on TV; here is my son's view back in his teen age days.

Crazy Steve's Perversely Annoying Network

Merrick's went about business after the June 2010 Tornado as normal as possible even amid the rubble and reconstruction. Merrick's building was open as soon as emergency evacuations were lifted.

Merrick's Floor Coverings

116 E Main ST Elmwood IL 61529

309 742-8608 -- 309 742-8206

Carpet - Vinyl - Hardwood- Laminate - Ceramic


Specializing in flooring the terms craftmanship and quality workmanship define Merrick's.
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