August 31st 2009

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Elmwood in Touch

Starting with a plan for a good foundation.

I have received great encouragement from many people who feel Elmwood really needs a community website to reach out and promote our community.  The web site averaged about 3000 hits a day in July and August.  This can go much higher, if we all cooperate in the project that I have labeled Elmwood In Touch.   Elmwood, in touch with itself and with the outside world, is what I mean by the slogan.  One way to help is to email me about events or topics you feel should be shared with the community.  I have the Illinois Observer section where I can place things not directly related to the news of Elmwood. I can enter events and times on the community calendar, and would love to post photos or video links of the things that make up life in Elmwood. You can email any ideas for the web site to

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If we are to reach out to the world outside of Elmwood we have to present a good face.  Not everyone we need to reach will drive through Elmwood or read about us in a print publication.  In fact, many of the people we most need to reach will only learn about us on the Internet.  If we don’t present a welcoming message on the Internet then we will never reach them at all.  Word of mouth is the best recommendation for any business or service. I hope to use video of past residents and current residents to help promote Elmwood.  I would like to place endorsements of businesses by customers who could relate their great experiences with a business.  Everyone has good stories and they need to be told.  Email links can put a contact instantly in touch with your business.

I believe this will become an essential tool to the community. I would like you to be a part of this effort to improve communication within the Elmwood area. Your participation will enable the world outside of Elmwood to find us.

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Even some past residents could still remain customers for some businesses if it were easy to get in contact with them.  If this is something you believe will benefit your business and Elmwood, review the table below and choose a support level and billing period that fits your business needs. I will create a report next September as an accounting of how the project has grown.

I would also like to have sections on the web site that report on topics like youth sports, musical performances (should we call it the “Arts” in Elmwood or is that too pretentious), senior news from the Manna Program, city council business, or anything else that you would like to see as a web section and be a sponsor of on If you know of anyone else who might be interested, either forward this to them or get back to me with their contact information.

Thank you, Steven E Davis

We will all be proud of this project, if we all contribute our ideas, money, and time.





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