Monday, July 13, 2009 1:22 PM

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Elmwood in Touch first letter


Elmwood in Touch second letter

I sent this to several of the businesses in Elmwood; response has been good so far.

To Elmwood Businesses:

I want to invite you to join in a community development venture by participating in a community web site.  I think we all need to work together to sustain Elmwood as a vibrant community. A community capable of sustaining profitable businesses.  We do that by continuing to be attractive to new families as a great palce to build their futures.  We certainly have the core of what we need to be a center of growth in the 21st century.  There is no more effective way of promoting Elmwood to the outside world than on the Internet.  I am proposing to direct this effort as a volunteer. I will not charge for my time, but there will be costs.  I am suggesting a partnersip in a nonprofit entity.

Your business will profit by the increased promotional value of being prominent on the web site. averages between a 1000 and 2000 unique hits a day.  The Elmnet web site does not always maintain current events and integrate to all our community as this project would. 

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Elmwood growth is a plus for all of us.  A well done web site can be a portal for the recruitment of new business ventures. Elmwood would be an excellent location for some small businesses, if they just knew about us.

A web site is will promote Elmwood to prospective residents, businesses, and visitors.  It is needed for better communication, locally.  I have many thoughts on how this should be designed and maintained.  I would like you to be a partner in this venture.  My goal is to have the community web site be a non profit low cost entity.  It could be a part of the Elmwood Community Foundation or run by the City of Elmwood, or Association of Commerce. I just want to be the editor of the web site, as well as, Elmwood’s ambassador of good will,.  I guess, I may have to be less cranky. This is a great way to have a community development project without the cost.


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This project will need a basic budget.  An agreement to run a web ad for a year would greatly help underwrite this effort. Parternships will be needed, as well.  I see this as something your firm can participate in that will help you maintain and expand your revenue base. This is the time to move Elmwood forward. Every organization is growing or shrinking, time never allows anything to stay the same.

I am updating the project and explaining myself as it moves along on Elmnet/community.htm. I will be in touch, but I do want your input as the project is developing. I started a Faebook group A Better Elmwood, you could join and participate in the discussion.

Thank You,

Steve Davis






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