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Wednesday, April 22, 2009 9:12 PM


Elmwood in Touch

I sent these thoughts as an email. I am going to try to persaude everyone, yes I mean everyone to be a part and supporter of the new community web site project. Eventually, these short messages will alow us to fully discuss and think through what a community web site will be for Elmwood. I think we will one day be able to post that the community web site represents everyone with an Elmwood connection, except for one old crank.

I have thought for a long time that Elmwood needed a community web site for better web presence, better communication, and improved livability. (Not drinkability, like the beer commercials) I decided to use the web to promote this project.

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This week, it is very apparent we need better communications, local elections are Tuesday some people have already voted. I haven’t been able to find out who’s running for school board. We have contests for city elections, I don’t who all of the candidates are in those contests, either. (I know some names, but not much else.) You may think I should have found this out and written informative bios on the elmnet web site, well that is the type of thing I like to do. The crux of this is; it is not my job. Nor, is it a profitable expense of time for elmnet. It is the type of thing a community web site would do. I have many ideas about how to make this work for all of us. I would like you to participate in this discussion.

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You can join the facebook group “A Better Elmwood.” You can join facebook by simply going to and signing up with an email address and creating a password. It is very simple then search for “A Better Elmwood”. You then can join the discussion.

You can follow along on but not discuss with the whole community.

If you are up for more social networking join Twitter and follow ShireSteve.

This will be very successful with everyone’s participation. So pass this along to others who want Elmwood to become even beter in the 21st Century.

Stay in touch,

Steve Davis






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