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I took Erik and Alex one week night to see We Were Soldiers It is a good movie about the first build up in Vietnam fought with Air Cavalry. I remember looking around, as everyone got up to leave. There were at least a half a dozen men just a little older than me, some had a jacket with a patch. My gray hair seemed to catch their attention. They looked over at me, it seemed with a question in their eyes. Were you there, too? Had I brought my sons to share a personal history lesson?

We Were Soldiers

You Tube of my favorite song from movie

I have a strange relationship with the Vietnam War, no I wasn't there. I did have a very low draft number. I was in college with a II S deferment, but as soon as I graduated or dropped out I was I A. It can focus your attention. The American role ended before I graduated, but in a odd coincidence the last soldier killed from Illinois was from Macomb. I was a student at Western; I remember sitting in my dorm room looking at the article in the Macomb Journal. He was my exact age. I always wondered was he drafted, was he there in my place. Movies evoke many emotions it is why Elmwood wants to see the Palace restored.

Every one of the over 2100 Save the Palace Facebook fans can afford $5 a month and make a pledge to do so for the next six months. This will raise over $60,000 and yes there could be grants to match donations, so now we are beginning to get to a point where there is the money to make it happen. We individually need to show some actual accomplishments and then there will be the opportunity to find matching funds. Paypal or direct deposit will make it easy and automatic which is always best.

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