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Practical Steps for Elmwood 

I myself do not have $200,000 dollars. Actually like most people, I have debts and not vaults of coin and currency. There are some practical steps I can take to help recovery. I am going to begin one today. You can finish the phrase about beginning a journey in your own mind. I have often walked up to a movie at the Palace, often with my sons or my wife. Ticket prices were low; $3 was the ticket price for those seeing the last movie. I and my family were willing to spend $5 to $10 a month at the Palace. I can still afford $5 a month for the Palace. Call it buy a ticket to the Palace.

I never went to a Palace movie until 1998; probably one of the first movies we saw at the Palace was Mulan. We soon went from seeing movies with the kids to allowing the boys and their friends to walk together to a movie on their own. Elmwood's the type of town where you can do that; know they'll be safe. Allow them to stretch out with a modest step towards independence.


Mulan Legendary Chinese Hero

I remember many movies at the Palace with my sons, and sometimes with Nancy if it was a movie the boys wouldn't be caught dead at, like the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Indulging your wife is a little less painful when you don't have to pay much and it is part of a pleasant walk. A walk once capped off with ice cream at the Dairy Station. I want to relate another memory before making some practical suggestions.

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