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Help is on this Corner ---- More Photos

Demolition of the downtown buildings began, today. A large back hoe reduced the walls to rubble. Hometown Hardware on the corner was the first building where demo and removal began. The Elmwood Pharmacy building and Fair Store will all be demolished and removed. Last week, as I was wandering around taking photos of the buildings. Buildings I knew were going to be torn down. I noticed the motto on the corner of Hometown Hardware "Help is on this Corner." For a long time it has been a place not just to buy a widget, but a place to learn how to install a widget.

WEEK-TV is ready to show the building coming down on News 25 at 10.


Help is on this Corner


Hardware store coming down

I know many have even longer memories of the stores in Elmwood, than I do. Today is a dramatic moment, a forced into reality moment for a community still grieving. Sometimes people have a trauma and move along and then something reminds them of the loss. I think the bare lots will be an even sadder reminder of what Elmwood lost. Fall Festival is going to feel very strange. So now Elmwood moves to a new phase, with the crisis gone --

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