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Tuesday, September 24, 2013 8:47 AM

Trojans 2012

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November 13, 2013

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E/B Boys Cross Country Wins State

E/B won the 1A state cross country meet Saturday. The Fall sports season ends with E/B claiming another cross country crown. Times and points at IHSA.org

Trojan Football

Season Ends in Farmington 22 to 12

Elmwood Brimfield Trojans

Hard fought grind it out game

A hard fought contest was mostly a ground game due to windy conditions. The Farmington line assumed control of the line of scrimmage late in the first half. They continued their dominance throughout the rest of the game. Farmington made positive yards on nearly every carry. The running backs were strong and difficult to stop or stand up. Time and again the ball carrier used strength to take the ball forward while being tackled. E/B attempted and completed a few passes, but mostly it was a grind it out game both teams employing a double wing style offense. The score was 14 to 6 at halftime after a long sustained drive by the Farmers. The drive resulted in a TD and a two point conversion near the end of the second quarter.

Farmington can claim top spot in the Tri-county region this season. Both Trojan losses have occurred at Farmington this year. Saturday was a close game, E/B failed to capitalize on two short field opportunities. Once when the ball was hiked over the punter's head the Trojans were set up near the Farmer end zone. Another opportunity occurred after a 8 yard Farmington punt. Neither time could the Trojans make a score. The first time the Trojans came up short of a first down by 2 inches. The Prairieland tournament is over with Farmington the champ. Next week Farmington will play Mercer County. Mercer County defeated Rockridge in double overtime this afternoon.

A good season comes to an end, but the seniors have had a great four years in E/B football history. The team has had success at all levels, so next year should bring enthusiasm and large numbers of participation seeking to add more wins to the Trojan record book. On the way out I overheard a comment in response to some one saying we just simply got beat. The person probably a parent, said we were out coached. A team wins the game; a team loses the game. The Farmington O-line and determined runners won this game.

Read last blog about lessons from football -- Henderson Hearsay -- Blogging 2013 Heat Football

E/B Trojans Playoffs 2013

opportunities can slip away

E/B 27 - Knoxville 18

Elmwood Knoxville Football 2013

A cool day but a great day for the first round of the IHSA football playoffs. Knoxville came into Elmwood trying to avenge an earlier loss to the Elmwood/Brimfield Trojans. The Blue Bullets played a determined and hard nosed football game. Containing the E/B rushing attack most of the first half. Wyatt turned a swing pass into a near touchdown early in the first quarter. The Trojans moved it in from the 2 yd. line to go up 7 to 0 on Case's kick. The Blue Bullets came back with a score of their own making the score 7 to 6. If not for a fumble late in the second quarter the half would have ended at 7 to 6. The Trojans capitalized on the turnover taking momentum and a 13 to 6 halftime lead. The Trojans quickly continued the momentum when Knoxville had the ball taken away on a pitch as they ran their option attack. The Trojans took it the opposite way, turned the play into a score leading to a 21 to 6 lead after the two point conversion. The Blue Bullets came back to nearly tie the game getting two scores but failing on the two point conversion attempts. The Blue Bullets narrowed the lead to 21 to 18. E/B made a long drive capped off with a TD, pushing the score to 27 to 18 in the fourth quarter.

Brimfield Score

Final TD

Knoxville was held in check on the ground. The Blue Bullets were forced to go to the air; they did so very effectively for a run-first team. The Blue Bullets defense played well stopping the E/B run attack. E/B made some important connections through the air, then took control for the last touchdown with great play from the O Line. The E/B offensive line was unable to gain control until the final drive, but it really secured the game as a Trojan win. The game had key turnovers which allowed E/B to come out on top. Farmington also won today so it is a rematch in Farmington next week. It will be a great event; everyone in the Tri-county area will want to be there. Mercer County won their rematch against Annawan/Wethersfield. Rockridge defeated Illini West, so next week it will be Rockridge at Mercer County in the top part of the 2A bracket.

E/B Knoxville IHSA Play off


Football Playoffs become a Prairieland Blue Tournament

Elmwood IL Saturday

current forecast

IHSA can not catch a break people are either complaining about driving almost to Wisconsin to play in a play off game or people are complaining they have to play the same teams they played in the regular season. This year E/B plays a rematch with Knoxville at 3:30 Saturday afternoon in Elmwood. Farmington lines up against Beardstown at 1 PM Saturday in Farmington. The winners of these games will meet in the second round of the playoffs. After the Prairieland Blue tournament is over one team will be in the Quarterfinals. IHSA Info

E/B Trojan Helmet

E/B defeated Knoxville in the regular season 32 to 20, Knoxville defeated Farmington 36 to 20, Farmington defeated E/B 16 to 14 so each of these three came away with one loss in the Prairieland Blue. Beardstown lost to E/B, Farmington, and Knoxville. The Trojans begin the road to Champaign at Elmwood. If past performances have any bearing on Saturday's games then E/B fans could look forward to the short drive or long hike to Farmington the following week. Games don't always end as predictive pundit types assure you they will. Knoxville will be coming over with an opportunity to restore some pride to their season. I expect the Blue Bullets will bring a lot of energy to the game for the opening kick off.

Also in Elmwood on Saturday will be the sectional cross country meet at Maple Lane Country Club. The girls event and boys event will be run separately but both will be at Maple Lane. Starting about 11 AM. Info Here

Ananwan/Wethersfield defeated previously undefeated Mercer County Friday night in Aledo 9 to 0, they will meet in the first round at Kewanee. Rockridge plays Illini West in the other first round game. One of these teams will be the quarterfinal opponent.

Elmwood Food Choices

Henderson Hearsay -- Blogging 2013 Heat Football

A big day in Elmwood Saturday

Even the weather looks good for Saturday. Invite your Cross Country Friends to sectional at Maple Lane, have breakfast at the Uptown, Brunch at Hick'ry Stick, or Ice cream at Toot's.

Invite football fans to 3:30 game Meet at Crusen's before game

Dinner at Hick'ry Stick then Enjoy Rusty Hall, Brett Bunton, Dave Plunk at Crusens in the evening, or a movie so many options Yes this is the Saturday everyone should come and enjoy Elmwood



Mid season showdown -- Trojans versus Blue Bullets


Knoxville Fan Site

E/B rolled to a 40 to 0 victory over Rushville-Industry. The Trojans are now 4 and 0; next week E/B takes on Knoxville. Knoxville defeated Farmington at Knoxville by a score of 36 to 20. Farmington is now 3 and 1. Knoxville 4 and 0 comes to Elmwood Friday night at 7 PM. The Blue Bullets will want to prove themselves against E/B, and turn that close loss two years ago to a Knoxville win.

E/B Trojans Knoxville 2011

Blue Bullet fans came to Elmwood two years ago also with both teams undefeated. Knoxville came from behind to a near tie in the fourth quarter. The Blue Bullets decided to go for two for the win. The ball came out the Blue Bullets lost by one point. Many fans from Knoxville even those 60 yards away were absolutely certain the play was called incorrectly. This photo shows the fumble, so did the ball cross the goal? One official had a good view of the play, and probably no one else. Many Knoxville fans will still remember that they lost on a play one official signaled a score and the other ruled a fumble. Clearly there was a fumble. This is how rivalries become exciting.

E/B Trojans Blackout 2013

It will be BlackOut night the Easter Seals fund raiser. I will be a key game, a great test of the 2013 Trojans, a revenge game for Knoxville, what could make it any better. Also, if the Trojans do add a loss to the Blue Bullet record, the Farmington Farmers will have even more incentive to tie it all up by defeating the Trojans in Farmington. The season just got real, high school football on a glorious fall Friday night. Could it get better?

Football Injuries ----- Risks, Rewards, and Choices


Trojan Football 2013 Season

2013 Illinois High School E/B Trojans Football is following two undefeated regular season conference titles. Can E/B overcome all the Prairieland aagin? Elmwood/Brimfield Trojan Football Facebook Page ------ Trojan Web Site ----- IHSA Web Site

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