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Saturday, November 3, 2012 10:03 PM

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November 3, 2012

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Trojan Football 2012

A Great Season Ends -- Trojans finish 10 and 1

It would have to end some week end but no one wanted it to be today. E/B lost to the Winnebago Indians in Winnebago today by a score of 56 to 20. The Trojans fumbled on the first series after receiving the opening kick off. Winnebago scored quickly on a pitch to their left side. A fake PAT kick and the score was 8 to 0. Winnebago on their second series used a double pass play to again add 6 this time they kicked PAT. The score was 15 to 0. The Trojans were forced to punt and Winnebago moved for another score with about 5 minutes left in the first the score was 22 to 0. E/B did mount a drive for a score, but the Trojans were unable to control the quick line of the Winnebago team. Winnebago runners were past the line of scrimmage before being touched. It became apparent on this day the E/B Trojans could not control the Winnebago Indians. E/B scored again in second quarter to narrow the score to 36 to 13, but the season was closing for the Trojans.

It will sting to end with a 10 and 1 season and to have not been in the game from the beginning. Still accomplishments out weigh this one day and being one of the players on E/B's third 10 win season is good record to look back on. The Trojans were out quicked today, so time to start back and build for another season. Lessons learned, time to begin the strength and conditioning.

Elmwood Brimfield Winnebago

Elmwood Brimfield Winnebago

Elmwood Brimfield Winnebago

Elmwood Brimfield Winnebago

Elmwood Brimfield Winnebago

Elmwood Brimfield Winnebago

Elmwood Brimfield Winnebago

E/B puts in their first score but Winnebago had three at this time.

Winnebago on Saturday at 2 PM

E/B will have a lot to prove this Saturday. Can a Prairieland team do much in the playoffs, can the powerful football programs from Northern Illinois be defeated by Pririeland or Lincoln Trail teams? Mercer County takes on Big Northern Conference foe Rockford Lutheran at George Pratt Field in Aledo Saturday at 2 PM. What little I know of Winnebago makes me think their style of football is not so different from the Trojans. I think they prefer to run the football, but will pass to open it up. It comes down to the individual match ups on the offensive line creating opportunity for Trojan runners. In all big games a visiting team must hit the field with great energy, concentrate on the game plan, make no stupid mistakes or penalties, compete intensely until the whistle. If E/B doesn't beat themselves they could win this game. E/B with a playoff slot in the quarterfinals has only happened once before. The 2012 team can focus on a great goal, a season of accomplishment. There is a very formidable obstacle, the Winnebago Warriors. Watch and judge for ourself.

Winnebago Rockford Lutheran Video

Winnebago vs Rockford Lutheran Video

Rockford Lutheran defeated Winnebago 37 to 34 on September 14, Rockford Lutheran will play Mercer County in Aledo on Saturday. Byron defeated Rockford Lutheran. It was their only loss of the season. Yet, Winnebago defeated Byron, then lost to Stillman Valley. A very competitive year in the Big Northern West Conference this season. Winnebago defeated Farmington 56 to 13 at Farmington last Saturday. E/B will face a tough test on Saturday. Winnebago appears to wear Orange and Black as well, so a Halloween shoot out is in store. On the drive to Winnebago if looking for a scenic drive start at Dixon take IL Highway 2, just east of Byron turn left on Kennedy Hill RD north to Winnebago. Take note of monumental statue on east bluff of Rock River in Oregon, a Lorado Taft work. Winnebago High School Directions - Winnebago HS Website


E/B Trojans 34 - Champaign St Thomas More 14

IHSA 3A Bracket

Elmwood Brimfield Trojans 2012

E/B Trojans attempt pass in first round playoff at Elmwood IL against St Thomas More from Champaign

The first round playoff game at Whitney Field on Saturday, Oct 27, 2012 moved the Trojans to a round two match up against Winnebago High School. It was good football weather. The game was played on a breezy, cool, but sunny day, the field was in great shape. E/B recieved the kickoff, in the first series the E/B offensive line demonstrated that they were earning control of the line of scrimage. The Trojans began moving the ball on the ground rolling up over 500 yards during the game. In the first half the E/B defense proved they could contain the aerial attack of STM. The defense was able to keep pressure on the quarterback while containing his scrambles. The defensive backfield really did an outstanding job in this game. E/B defenders were aggresive and used speed to close on the ball. The standout performance turned by the Trojan secondary kept STM away from the endzone on two drives in the first half. It really set the tone for the game. E/B could move the ball and score while holding STM scoreless. The first half ended with E/B up 21 to 0. STM remained a threat with a long ball, but E/B had moved the score to 27 to 0 in the third quarter, before STM scored on 50 yard TD pass to make it 27 - 7. Compliments all around to the players, coaches, and the school for a great day. E/B will now face the Winnebago Warriors next Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012 at 2 PM. Winnebago High School Directions - Winnebago HS Website - Winnebago Chamber of Commerce -- IHSA Web of Big Northern Conference -- Rockford Register Star - Prep Football

Bob Hunt Photos from Saturday's Game

Harkness Elmwood Brimfield Trojans


News Stories And TV Video Highlights

PJ Star Josh Wessler

Rewind Sports Video CI News Now


Playoffs 1st Round vs Champaign St Thomas More

IHSA 3A Bracket

The game will be in Elmwood, Saturday afternoon at 3 PM. Thomas More plays in the Sangamon Valley Conference Link to Record and Schedule They have lost close games to some very good teams so this will be a very tough 1st Round opponent. E/B is the smallest school in 3A and will face some tough games to advance, plan to come and enjoy this great opportunity for a very dedicated group of students. Web Site of St Thomas More

St Thomas More

Trojans End Season 9 and 0

As I came driving into town, the fire truck was waiting, the fan caravan lined up, all ready to escort and celebrate the victory in Bushnell. The Trojans have finished the regular season with an unblemished record. Having never had an undefeated season before last year to have two back to back 9 and 0 seasons is a great accomplishment. Currently sitting on the playoff prospect list as the smallest program in 3A, E/B awaits this week's results. Tomorrow night the IHSA playoff pairing program will announce the teams making the cut and the brackets they will be playing in. When my son was playing for E/B the Spartans were one of the best in the Prairieland had several players go on to play in Division III at Monmouth College. The Spartans finished the season 0 and 9, Avon a coop partner is seeking a consolidation with Abingdon. So relish the season, appreciate the victories, so many young athletes would love to be a Trojan tonight. Let's win a playoff game next week Link to IHSA


Trojans Race Past the Wildcats

It started out close, but then it quickly became a rout. I have spent all season doing stats for the West Central Heat. I was in Wyoming at the Stark County game. At halftime, I got my phone out (I am phone challenged) I was able to navigate to the pjstar forums to find score updates. I saw North Fulton keeping it close in the first quarter. The last post E/B 36 NF 16 with about 5 minutes left in the half. I went back to my job thinking E/B was beginning to pull away, but in a game. What I learned after the game E/B posted two more scores in the next 5 minutes to end the first half up 50 to 16. The Trojans rolled on to a 78 to 16 win. The defense completely shutting out the Wildcats after the second quarter.

Sometimes mascots or cheerleaders do push ups for points scored, hopefully no one on the Elmwood/Brimfield side was too exhausted. Wisconsin used three different students as the Bucky Badger mascot in a 83 point win in 2010. Next week the team travels to Bushnell. A good opportunity to stop at the long famous Club 41 in St Augustine Club 41 Facebook I have also eaten at another bar/restaurant in Bushnell, Delaney's it is on the east side of Main Street in Bushnell's downtown. The Spartans are winless this season, so no is expecting a close game next week either.

Now that is time to think about playoffs -- here is the link

Forever Me Homecoming Photos

Harkness October 11th -- HOI Athelete of the Week

Westart September 6th -- HOI Athelete of the Week

Trojans Prairieland Blue Champion

The Elmwood Brimfield Trojans defeated Havana to remain undefeated. The Trojans are the Prairieland Blue Division Champion. This clinches the team a playoff berth, but the Trojans look to be headed for another undefeated season. The remaining games are with teams from the Prairieland Black division and neither is having a great year. North Fulton will bring a lot of fight to Elmwood on Friday night, but the Wildcats have had trouble scratching out victories this season. The ancient foes of Troy will end E/B's regular season in Bushnell the next week. Unless, there is a big wooden horse awaiting the Trojans in Bushnell it is unlikely to be a competitive game. The B-PC/A Spartans are win less this season. Friday night the North Fulton game will be the final regular season home game, but a playoff game at home is nearly a sure thing.

E/B Program more than Football

Great Feature in PJ Star

Todd Hollis

Trojan Football Program Luciano Style

Ducks look to tar Trojan Season

PJ Star Stan Morris on Havana

Havana gave Beardstown all they wanted losing 14 to 13 at Beardstown. The same could be said for the Trojans in their game at Beardstown. Now the Ducks get their chance to make a statement as the 6 and 0 E/B Trojans come to Havana on Friday night. The Ducks may be back at full strength and will be flying high emotionally as a win would nearly guarantee them a playoff slot. The Trojans will need to be ready to meet the challenge not reliving the past week. Each game presents it's own challenges. A Trojan team a few years ago went to Havana undefeated following a 10 win season the year before. The Trojans were ready to run past the Ducks, Havana hadn't played a good game the year before. E/B did run past the Ducks but found it difficult to put the ball in the end zone. The Ducks were having trouble moving the ball on the ground. In the first half E/B forgot teams can pass and receivers should be covered. A wide open Havana receiver took a pass 50 yards for a TD giving Havana a 6 to 0 lead. E/B drives always stalled before making a score. The defense sacked the Havana QB in the end zone to make it 6 to 2. Neither team put up any points right down to the end, 6 to 2 seemed etched in stone. After E/B stalled again late in the 4th quarter; it should have been all over. Havana fumbled after making a game ending first down, E/B completed a 30 yard pass to the 1 yard line. So first and goal on the one became 4th and goal on the one with the snap time would expire. The Trojans put the ball across the goal line winning 8 to 6. Every tale has a moral, this one is obvious don't go to Havana expecting an easy win, be prepared.

Springflied Journal Register on the 2012 Havana Ducks

Elmwood Brimfield Farmington Trojans Farmers

Photos Trojan -- Farmer Game - Crystal Prahl

E/B Trojans Top Farmers 20 to 7

A tough fought game by both teams ended with the E/B Trojans undefeated at 6 and 0. Next week the Trojans will face a tough team in Havana trying to prevent the Trojans from finishing the Prairieland Blue division with an unblemished record. The E/B Trojan defense did a great job containing the Farmers most of the evening allowing only 123 yards on the ground, 46 on one run by Jepson. The Trojans contained the Farmers in their passing game allowing 3 complete on 14 attempts for 18 yards. The 7 to 0 halftime lead was evened when Farmington's Welker returned the second half kick off for a touchdown. A good defensive stand kept the Trojans two second half touchdowns to be the winning margin. Brady Westart E/B's star running back is breaking away in PJ Star Photo below.

PJ Star Sports Feature -- Stan Morris

Elmwood Brimfield Trojans

Game Photos PJ Star


Farmington Farmers undefeated at 5 & 0

E/B Trojans undefeated at 5 & 0

Prairieland Face Off ready to Kick Off in Elmwood

Farmington comes to the City of Troy with an undefeated record. A big game at Whitney Field on Friday at 7 PM.

Forever Me Elmwood IL Farmington Farmers

Here is my take on tomorrow's game.

I don't want to underplay Westart or the potent E/B offense, Westart is very good. E/B is not one player. Harkness scored 4 TDs at Knoxville. Last year E/B used many ball carriers as they have this year. I think the key to this game is not the E/B offense; it is the Trojan defense. If the E/B defense can control the Farmers in the air and on the ground, then E/B will win. The game could be close, but the question is the defense for the Trojans. Will they allow the Farmers to make big gains in key situations? I believe they will control the Farmington running game on most plays, but those big plays either break away runs or long pass plays can really keep the game in doubt. Farmington has already won a game because of their ability to kick a field goal. If Farmington keeps the score close, then they will continue to be a threat to add 3. I would direct the fans to the defenses, both teams will score a few points. One team has the ability to control the game on the defensive side. This will determine whether it is a close game or have the E/B Trojans winning by 3 scores.


Friday night at Elmwood a big game between the Farmington Farmers and the Elmwood/Brimfield Trojans, both teams are undefeated heading into the second half of the season. This game will likely decide the Praireland Blue Division champion, each team will have only one Blue Division game remaining to play. Farmington has kept winning while playing through some games at less than full strength. The Farmers have been rolling lately with a big win against a tough Havana team in Havana last week. It feels like football weather, so come out and enjoy the season. Game will begin at 7 PM in Elmwood at Whitney Field on September 28th.


Knoxville scored and went up six, but never found the end zone again. The Trojans responded with a TD and kick conversion. making it 7 to 6, E/B has a kicking game. End of first quarter it was 20 to 6, E/B kept adding points to make it a comfortable halftime lead of 41 to 6. Ending all scoring for the night, the game ended with a score of 41 to 6. Harkness 4 TD runs, Westart two long break out runs for TDs, one to open E/B's first possession. Brady Westart is having a tremendous season.

Elmwood Brimfield TROJANS 2012

Photo by Steve Davis (not me) If you would like to see if he captured the perfect shot of your player contact the Galesburg Register Mail

Game Photo Gallery

Galesburg Register Mail E/B Knoxville Article

PJ Star Farmington Undefeated


Friday Night Sept 21, 2012, the E/B Trojans will travel to Knoxville to take on the Blue Bullets. Last year the Knoxville game proved the Trojans were for real. In the final attempt for the two point conversion and the win Knoxville came up short as the ball was fumbled. Knoxville fans are still convinced they lost on the referees call. This years Knoxville team has lost two games in the last two weeks to Havana and Farmington, so they will view this game as their season. Emotions will be high in Knoxville. Essay on Last Years Knoxville Game In other Prairieland Blue games this week Farmington takes their 4 and 0 record to Havana 3 and 1. The Farmers will be looking to pluck the Ducks at home, but may come home feeling feathered. Springflied Journal Register on the 2012 Havana Ducks Beardstown travels to Rushville-Industry to take on the Rockets, a long time rivalry renewed.


Knoxville Fan Site

E/B rolled to a 55 to 0 victory over Rushville-Industry. The Trojans are now 4 and 0; next week E/B heads to Knoxville. Farmington defeated Knoxville at Farmington tonight by a score of 14 to 6. Farmington is also 4 and 0. Knoxville has suffered losses to Havana and Farmington in their last two games. The Blue Bullets will want to prove themselves against Elmwood/Brimfield next week. Havana lost to Beardstown by a score of 14 to 13. Both teams are now 3 and 1; looks like a very competitve Blue Division is taking shape as the Trojans have Knoxville, Farmington, and Havana awaiting them as the season moves along.

Elmwood Black Out  Easter Seals Brimfield Trojans

Easter seals Presentation Elmwood Il Blackout Night

photo by Heidi Kool-Pio

E/B Trojans and Rushville-Industry Rockets raised $5000 for Easter Seals in this year's event.

The Rushville-Industry Rockets come to Elmwood for the Trojans second home game. The fundraiser for Easter Seals is becoming a meaningful tradition. Be a part of this year's game on Friday September 14th. The Rockets are 1 and 2 on the season losing to Farmington last Friday by a score of 17 to 6. The E/B Trojans are currently 3 and 0. The win in Beardstown was the first Prairieland Blue Divison game for E/B. The Trojans have Blue Division rivals Knoxville, Farmington, Havana, and the Rushville Industry Rockets yet to play.

Trojans Still Unbeaten

E/B Trojans 34 -- Beardstown 32

The Beardstown Tigers gave the Elmwood/Brimfield Trojans all they wanted in Beardstown on Friday September 7th, but the Trojans were able to keep a two point lead most of the night. Brady Westart had another big night gaining over 300 yards with several break away runs. Other tough games await the 2012 Trojans, but at 3 and 0 with a win over a key conference opponent, the future looks bright.

Game Account in Cass County Star Gazette - Don Chipman

BHS Tigers lose to Elmwood/Brimfield in a 34-32 Shoot Out


Trojans Notch Second Win

E/B 56 Abingdon 20

PJ Star Stan Morris - E/B Scores 36 Unanswered

Grady Case (22) kicking one of several PAT's

Elmwood Brimfield Trojans Football

More images from Friday's game, in next week's edition of the Tri-County News! The paper comes out on Fridays and there are limited copies at Jordan's, Uptown Cafe and EZ Go in Yates City. If you're not already subscribed, you can subscribe by calling Kathy at Home Shopper Publishing (309-742-2521). Photo by Crystal Prahl

The Trojan defense played 46 seconds and a second half of shut out football on Friday night. The offense rolled up 542 yards on the ground and a 21 yard TD pass as time ended in the first half. The blocked punt that lead to the 21 yard TD pass came with 46 seconds left in the first half. The Priarieland Conference has two divisions the Black and the Blue. The Trojans are members of the Blue division on Friday September 7th Elmwood/Brimfield travels to Beardstown to face their first Blue division rival. (73 Miles from Elmwood Travel Map) Beardstown's Tigers will also be one of the toughest opponents the Trojans will face this season. Beardstown ended last year with an 8 and 3 record losing in the second round of the playoffs on the same Saturday the 2011 Trojan season ended. Friday the 2012 Trojans will face their first real test. The team will not be able to play only one good half and win this game. So as the Trojans open the bus doors on September 7th will it be "the Lady or the Tiger"? (click for literary reference)


Trojans top Peoria Heights Patriots 46 -14

Peoria Heights is on a long losing streak, it was not likely they would change their fortunes against the E/B Trojans, a team looking to live up in 2012 to what the 2011 Trojans accomplished. E/B quickly jumped out to a lead, scoring 26 in the first quarter. Brady Westart standing out in the early game. The Trojans soon moved the score to a 40 to 0 halftime lead, initiating the running clock. E/B fans got to be home early, feeling good if still untested. The Trojans will be at home against the Abingdon Commandos next Friday. The Commandos had a tough game with Farmington last night, losing 17 to 14, the teams were tied 14 to 14 until a 27 yd field in the fourth quarter lifted the Farmers to a win. Abingdon will come to Elmwood looking to make a statement at 7 PM on Aug. 31st.

Saturday, August 25, 2012 9:18 AM

Trojans Patriots

2010 E/B Trojans at Peoria Heights

Friday night at Peoria Heights, feature on the Peoria Heights Patriots.

Trojans ranked in top ten in 3A. Pre-season ranking mean very little and actual playoff class will be determined after the schools earning a spot in the brackets are confirmed. PJ Star Trojan Season Preview


Tonight is the scrimmage game for E/B Trojans. The first game is at Peoria Heights on the August 24th. The first home game will be against Abingdon on August 30th.

TV News on Easter Seals Visit

Black Out Night Sept 14th --- Rushville-Industry Rockets


Football Injuries ----- Risks, Rewards, and Choices

Elmwood Brimfield Trojans

A few thoughts as the new season gets started

Trojan Football Starts a New Season

The new Illinois High School Football Season starts Wednesday August 8th. Scrimmage game is August 17th. First game will be on the 24th. A great season last year has brought lots of enthuasism for Fall 2012. Elmwood/Brimfield Trojan Football Facebook Page ------ Trojan Web Site ----- IHSA Web Site

Elmwood Brimfield Trojans


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