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Open Debate

I am inviting a couple of people I don't know, but encountered on the Internets, you know the series of tubes. At least, tunnels as vpn folks would design. These silly Facebook encounters that cause us to see we are looking at the world through different prisms. None of us see the world in perfect clarity; we all have our own mind's eye. We actually don't see much of what we observe; our mind (or minds if you are of two of them) build a complete picture out of an incomplete stream of visual cues. It is also true in the subjective features of life: art, music, religion, and politics. We often hear what we think we hear, not always what is said. I find this in music that is popular. Why are some songs or artists, hot, trending, or must hears? Often other songs and artists are just as talented, complex, and emotionally touching. Part of this is our tendency to be fans; the shortened version of fanatics. We must see a certain concert, or buy a certain song; you remember being a teenager.


Remember Fabian -- I remember the high school boys saying FFA stood for Future Fabians of America, but I am very old.

I will copy Facebook post that caused these individuals to want to present "the facts." I found what would be described as a screed, but fun if you agree with the POV on a Facebook Friend's wall. So here is the post ---

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