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10 AM Meeting Condemned Buildings

Meeting over after moving much audio equipment. Quicker if Steve knew more.

Began about 10:30 AM


Refresh Browser if you need to:

People will be allowed to get in to buildings on a limited basis. Owners have to sign waivers.


Questions being answered but attempting to deflect any heated debate.


Waiver need Notaries and County must sign off.


Then those with waivers can be allowed to remove property.


    I think everything will work out . Fire Department needs to monitor those with waivers We must try to keep emergency departments to informed.




Don Forrest

His firm has a structual egineer that will be available this afternoon

Don's Email



Talk to Your Insurance Agent


A web site to help verify a contrator is legitimate


    Elmwood Insurance Phone not Working Scot's Cell 309 657 0635  

Many offers of people to be available to help on demo and repairs

Brad Harding from County Board would be a good contact to resolve any issue that needs to be resolved with the contrators.


Information Center at Whitney and Potts and at Fire Station


Mayor says water is adequate and supply is pure.


Thank you to all the response teams expressed by Al Howerton and Bob Potts and everyone joined in applause.

Temporary postal service in Farmington regular delivery will continue. Those with post office boxes have to go to Farmington today. Mobile postal unit coming to Elmwood will be available send mail buy postage.


City Hall will temporarily set up in Senior Citizens Center.


Trucks will have to be detoured similar to during Strawberry Festivals


Coordinate with fire department on removal of property.


When you see Tim Harms, Chad Jordan, May Hulslander thank them.


David Vaughan Country Companies working out of his house on Ash ST


Elmwood UMC is donation Center for relief items

Red Cross has ability to earmark money donations for Elmwood

A fund at Farmers State Bank for City Elmwood is being set up.


Meeting Adjourned People geting waivers