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Tree Plan for Central Park

This is the planned map of tree placement and the species of trees proposed for Central Park. A map key item to notice is that the smooth outlines are existing trees, crinkled outlines a new proposed tree.

Here is a link to a printable PDF file. It will display on your computer; it requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which is a free down load.

It will download to your computer when you click link: for PDF click.

If you have questions email Walt Avery City Councilman Park Committee.

Maps are available at some locations these include Farmers State Bank and



Elmwood Community Foundation held a forum and produced a survey.

At a meeting on Thursday July 30th in Elmwood School Auditorium, the results of the survey were discussed and presented.

Don Forrest moderated and presented the accumulated results. There were over 100 responses. Over seventy of the survey takers returned their results by the online survey.

Open PDF of Survey Results

I was not able to attend meeting having acquired a cold from my son. At least, it is not Influenza A, Novel H1N1 Virus or swine flu. It appear the top priority was to replant Native trees in the park. The next was to implement a tree management plan for the park and all of the city's trees. Several of the suggestions compliment each other so a plan can encompass almost everyone's priority. Keeping "The Pioneers" statue the focal point of the park and putting a prairie landscape directly in front as they gaze over it, may be two separate ideas, but would work together. I think the positive participation has been great and look forward to great results.

People want to be involved and work together. If the spirit of the people of the Elmwood community are allowed to cooperate, this will be a great project. There are still some very raw feelings, so everyone will have to show a little compassion. It is almost miraculous when the caring and hard working people in our area are given the opportunity to be involved and contribute their variety of talents to work for the common good.




Central Park Survey

Take Survey

Online Survey is closed

Choose from the ideas on the form at the surveymonkey web site to indicate your top six choices. Each topic has a rating of 1 to 6. Choose six topics and place your priority beside the six you choose.

This will allow the survey to compile your top six choices, some topics were somewhat corollary. Many of the suggestions would all work together. Your help in putting a priority to the ideas suggested will be appreciated. Thank you

Open Survey then Print IT

If you prefer to print and return form to Elmwood Community Foundation click the link above.