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The Wednesday Night Drawing at the Palace Theatre  

maybe Dick Whitney or Tom Jones.  At Eddie’s command, Jack reaches into the drum, drawing out a ticket for a $25 prize to anyone present.  Without a winner, the prize increases $25 for the following week.  For his work, Jack earns 25 cents, enough to buy a ticket to the next movie, a box of popcorn, and one cent to spare for a piece of candy or bubble gum at the Fair Store, the five-and-dime less than two blocks away.

     In 1950, the Palace Theatre is one of the busiest places in town.  Located at the corner of West Main and South Lilac, the Palace is situated across the street from Cisel’s Mobil Station with the flying red-winged horse, Howard’s Standard Oil Station with the white and red crowns, and the Neptune Fire Department.  The latter is a two-story red brick structure built in the later half of 19th century, housing two fire trucks on the first floor and city council chambers and rehearsal space for the Elmwood Municipal Band on the second floor.


Gene Autry -- The Singing Cowboy -- Smiley Burnette

      The Palace attracts customers from surrounding areas:  some travel by gravel road from Williamsfield (population 600), by black top from Brimfield (900), and still others by “hard road” from Yates City (600).  On Friday and Saturday, customers come to see the Lone Ranger with a black mask and white hat and his famous sidekick, Tonto; Gene Autry and his pal, Smiley Burnette; or Roy Rogers and his palomino horse, Trigger.  On Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, people like the Websters from Laura or the Whittakers from Princeville are eager to see Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance lightly across the stage or to fantasize about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  And on Wednesday and Thursday nights, adults and some kids (they should be home studying or in bed) are attracted to the mystery and, of course, to the drawing.  

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