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We left Fairview Center at 6 AM on November 14th, scheduled to return on the evening of the 17th.  Most of us made it back at 2:30 AM on the 18th, with Pastor Gabe and Joel Williams putting in another half day before returning on the 18th.  During the trip we stayed at Ozark Camp and Retreat Center, Neosho, MO. A group including a Marine veteran of the Korean War and a new father, some with construction skills and some like me with fewer skills, went to Joplin determined to do something useful.  Joplin weather proved to us it could be fickle; on the 15th we worked in sunny near 70-degree weather. On the next day we worked through a snow and sleet storm into the dark, the previous day’s summer-like weather a distant memory. We encountered and overcame many obstacles, making the trip a very fulfilling week.  The crew worked into darkness every night, past darkness on the 17th. In a scene from Bagger Vance, headlights were directed to the garage to try and finish.  Our trip is an example of what happens when a few people step forward supported by the prayers and efforts of many more. All the team members should be proud of the effort they put in. The trip was an amazing experience for me.  As we look around our world there are many needs, there are many in Joplin. We helped only a few people, but we made one space less vacant in Joplin.

Joplin Garage

NY Times Article On Joplin -- Dec. 25, 2011