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Cmas letter 2009

I know I should just lay off the hair jokes. My increasingly snow-white hair becomes a blizzard and after complaints from mother, mother-in-law, and finally wife I get it whacked back into shape.  I have considered the Old Testament prophet look; but I shouldn’t become an increasing embarrassment to Erik and Alex.  I think in these times just being a faithful husband should give me hair freedom. Nancy has a strange saying, “who can make you more miserable than your wife”.  Therefore when Nancy complains my haircut appointment gets made.

Alex roster 2009

Speaking of family, and Christmas letters are supposed to be about family; fortunately, I can say “the state of our family is good”.  Nancy’s mother has adapted to moving to Elmwood and is getting into an active life here; my parents are doing well in Smithshire. Erik graduated from Monmouth College in 2008, , and finished student teaching last fall. Erik is teaching at Elmwood High School as a yearlong substitute for the keyboarding and accounting teacher.  He is known as a mean teacher, no talking and assignments must be turned in. The administration and faculty like him.  This will help his resume, but he is only being paid as a sub. He pays into teacher retirement, which includes health insurance, but is not eligible for it. He pays for his own policy because he is no longer on ours. Erik is learning the real world has its irrational moments.   

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