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22 Days is a Lifetime

Having been the child of two Davis families has always caused some confusion. Neither family is directly related I have to demonstrate it, although both familes lived in Smithshire. My two Davis families were part of a common culture but quite different; I have tried to integrate two different approaches to life into a stronger alloy. I haven't always suceeded.


Smithshire is not all flat; BNSF bridge betwen Smithshire and Media.

Harry was an innovative craftsman and viewed life through a sharp and critical lens. He snored as loud as a steam engine during the four to six hours he slept. I loved going fishing with him. He worked as hard at it, as a commercial fisherman whose livelihood depended on it. There always seemed to be the hard work of seining bait, packing a boat, motor, and gear up and down steep banks. People who didn't want get up at daylight fish until dark sleep a little and get up and do it again the next day didn't want to go fishing with Harry. I loved it and him. I was young, strong, and knew something of hard work; I would do it all again.

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