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Tuesday, September 24, 2013 8:47 AM

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September 19, 2014

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Trojan Football

Mercer County falls to E/B 28 to 0

E_B at Aledo

Trojans celebrate a big opening victory

A large crowd assembled in Aledo at George Pratt Field, then soon departed for a recess due to the lightening hazard. The game waited with E/B having a first down on the Mercer County 34. We took the opportunity to refuel for the trip home: gas for the car, ice cream for the bodies. Aledo Tastee Freez Yelp The game resumed; the Trojans continued their drive which ended on downs inside the one. E/B came up short of the end zone. It brought a bad case of Deja Vu for E/B fans remembering the playoff loss to Mercer County two years ago. The Trojans lost to Mercer County after coming up short on two deep drives in that game. Mercer County then began a demonstration of the Golden Eagles offense one with multiple sets and multiple formations. Mercer County seamlessly switches from a spread, to an I, to a single back. The Golden Eagles drive moved them down to a first and goal on the ten. The Trojans turned them back taking over on downs on the 15. And so the first half went with both teams able to counter each other, neither reaching the end zone.

E/B played good pass defense all during the game. The defensive backs kept good position with Golden Eagle receivers on a slick field. The defensive front was putting pressure on the MC quarterback, sometimes with a blitz. The offense demonstrated some control of the line of scrimmage, E/B looked good. The Trojans allowed no long break away runs, no big pass plays. Both teams kept it even, the first half ended in a scoreless tie.

The Mercer County band put on a nice half time show; the rain had stayed away. It was a very pleasant evening. As the third quarter was to begin a straight down downpour opened up. Not a storm just a good frog strangler which lasted for about five to ten minutes. It ended as the second half got underway. E/B kicked off to MC. The Golden Eagles moved past the fifty decided to attempt to make it on fourth down. The Trojan defense stood up and E/B got the ball on their own 46. E/B put together a good drive this time putting it in the end zone. After the PAT the score was 7 to 0. The third quarter was a good one for the Trojans on both sides of the ball. MC was stopped forced to punt, but miscued on the snap setting the Trojans up in close. The Trojans controlled the second half winning 28 to 0. A great effort from the Elmwood/Brimfield Trojans against a perennial great football school. I don't know when Mercer County or Aledo before the consolidation lost a home opener or were held scoreless, but I can assure you it hasn't happened often. A great team victory in Aledo at a beautiful high school football facility.

Annawan/Wethersfield comes to Elmwood for the home opener next Friday. The Titans were good last season with an 8 and 2 record. The A/W Titans certainly looked like Titans last year with good physical size. A/W defeated the Farmington Farmers 42 to 21 last night in Kewanee. I expect a very physical very close game next week in Elmwood. It should be a great night for high school football, also it is Fall Festival week end.

Week Two

Annawan/Wethersfield 35 -- E/B 28

The general consensus pre-game was it would be close, one prognosticator said to me it will be who ever has the ball last. The cliche almost was bourne out Friday night at Elmwood. A/W scored first E/B came back to tie. At halftime the Trojans held a 21 to 13 lead, but it was quickly tied by an A/W TD and successful two point conversion. The E/B kicker was successful on all PATs last night even after a five yard penalty was assessed on one extra point. The score was tied at 28 when E/B punted the ball back to A/W with 3 minutes to go. It appeared E/B would contain the Titans but James Reed took the ball 72 yards to the E/B 18. The A/W quarterback then navigated the final 18 on a QB draw. The score went to 35 - 28 with a minute to go. The Trojans took the ball near the A/W 20 yard line. As the clock was nearly gone E/B made several pass attempts that were batted away in saving efforts by the Titan defenders. The last play was another pass with .9 seconds left. The E/B QB was eventually forced while seeking to find an open receiver to hurry the ball came out of his hand possibly a fumble or incomplete pass, but time was out it was game over.

Both teams played well each succeeding against consistently tough and solid defenses. It was a game where many big plays resulted in most of the scoring. The second half kick off was a reverse that resulted in the score being tied almost as soon as the second half opened. Totten for E/B also returned a kick off for a TD. Wyatt made many big plays for E/B sometimes making great efforts in even short gains. The team with the ball last was unable to win, but it nearly happened. The downfall for the Trojans last night was in the open field. A/W made big yards on the few times they were able to get the ball in the hands of a player in the open field, James Reed was very impressive last night. It was a fantastic game to watch as a fan, a disappointing game for E/B, but a good game in a non conference appearance to gain some experience. The Trojans will be prepared for the next encounter. The playoffs may indeed schedule a rematch for these two teams. It depends on many variables if both schools are in the same bracket, if they can both win games to move on, but if it happens you will want to be there to watch it.

Week Three

E/B 39 -- Knoxville 7

E/B contolled the game at Knoxville. 14 to 0 at first quarter, 27 to 0 at half, ending the game up 39 to 7. Blackout night, homecoming, and the return to the home field next Friday against Havana.



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