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Editorial Philosophy

I may write controversial things, but I'm not petty. I never intend to be controversial; so I am always amazed when I write something that raises people's ire.

In these columns I will try to stay thoughtful and seek to evaluate life as it unfolds not through any lens. So if I arouse your ire or just your thoughts, you can interact with me

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A Beautiful Valley

--- of Indiana Territory during this period. The 1811 Battle of Tippecanoe is the most well known. William Henry Harrison lead the American forces at the battle. (Tyler was a 21 year old lawyer and member of the Virginia House of Delegates)


The flowing water from Hamer Cave powered the mill.

Towns sprung up and winked out in the 1800's

Spring Mills State Park's Pioneer Village reminds one of Lincoln's New Salem. A town that began with great industry and energy, but lost out to the changes over time. Lincoln referred to towns that had winked out. In it's time it was a very active economic center. The mill ground grain, the miller's share was used to start a distillery. Whiskey production lead to the tavern and hog farm. The water power was also used to run a saw mill. Production from the village was loaded on flat boats and floated down the Wabash, Ohio, and Mississippi. Produce and the lumber in the flat boat was sold in New Orleans. The river men became hikers as they traveled the Natchez Trace ---

natcheztrail Natchez Trace Parkway --- Wiki Natchez Trace

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