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people who make the world a better place.  So it is our challenge to make our type of community strong and growing in the 21st Century.  Elmwood must lead the way because America still needs those small town values. You may think we are alone in our struggle, but I know we are not.  People who love and care for Elmwood exist all over the world. Many who were a part of Elmwood’s past have acquired many talents since leaving.  They are a great reservoir of skills that are ready to flow back into Elmwood, now that we need them.  Even our current kids are bringing small town values to the effort. A six year old with a goal to raise $500 from a lemonade stand, who was getting very close the last I heard. photo


West Main Street lined with cars

Our reservoir has more than money in its holding pool; it has ideas and knowledge. Elmwood needs those as much as money.  Our Midwestern small towns have lost their way. Our country’s population does not live on farms, actual farmers making a full time living from the farm is miniscule. Economies built on farm people coming to town every Saturday night to trade eggs and cream won’t work.  We need to create livable communities with rapid connection to the urban world. We need rapid connections for people and information. We need to redesign our local economy to be wealth creating, and stop allowing our wealth to be exported by multi-national corporations.  The people in Elmwood and the people who still love Elmwood, but just can’t live here right now, have those skills. Elmwood’s recovery effort called PRIDE, planning recovery in downtown Elmwood,

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