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Marriage is the Clay

so I was just listening and not required to pay attention. I was drifting along which means I daydream. The sermon theme was the verse from Isaiah 64:8 ” O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.”  Even though the verse means God is the potter I was just thinking maybe in a marriage the clay is the marriage and the couple is each in charge of one hand.  Now I am not sure who is in charge of keeping the wheel spinning, but I suspect if it stops; it will be the husband’s job to try and fix it.

If one hand applies more pressure than the other the pot will be lop-sided.  If both hands don’t have the same vision then one may be trying to make a tall vase and other an ashtray.  One person cannot make a marriage work alone, each hand or person in a marriage has a role in determining what shape the clay will end up in.

Often when talking to someone about United Marriage Encounter I say it is about teaching you to communicate with your spouse. Sometimes Pastor Mark makes the point he is preaching not just to the congregation, but speaking to himself. I am not claiming Nancy and I have learned all our lessons in our own relationship.  I do believe, if you do not communicate there is no way, you will know how to shape the clay.

The shape of the marriage is something each partner has a hand in; a responsibility in what the final shape will be.  Whether you are working on a simple pot, an artistic vase, or a modern abstract that only you can see the beauty in every day you are continually shaping your marriage.  So how do you feel about your role as a potter?