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I know many different types of relationship exist as paths to a successful marriage; I do not propose that 27 years means you have a successful marriage. I Googled married 27 years; I did not find some heartwarming story to share with you. I found posts after 27 years of marriage my husband is leaving me for another woman, after 27 years of marriage my wife is leaving me for another woman, well you get the idea. So I decided I was left to my own resources. 


Do I have a secret ingredient for relationships, a top ten of relationships do or don’ts, or some practice to make a habit in your relationship.  No I don’t.  We have never been very disciplined in our in our relationship, we talk about walks, date nights, regular dialogs, but we have to readjust to keep up with life’s demands and soon everything is something we do occasionally not on a schedule. A good relationship develops when you simply enjoy being with each other and helping each other. I opened a fortune at a Chinese Café it read “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting their battle too.” It is good when dealing with strangers but good advice in a marriage relationship as well.  Being kind to each other is simply looking out for each other.  Trying to make your spouse feel better by listening, doing a task to help, or a small gesture of love can really lift someone up. 

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